Messages 2001

Live in Love.

December 2nd, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Creator, I believe there’s a Celestial angel here who would like to give me a message. I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love. I pray that I will be able to put aside my forethoughts and be a clear channel for an angel’s message. Amen.


Thank you for responding to my presence. As you have been told, we are often ready to deliver writings, but just await the opportunity to do so.

I am your friend and brother in spirit, who loves you like my own dear sister, and since you are putting up a block to receiving my name right now, I will pass it on later in the message.

It is good that you realize God’s perfect laws are working in your lives to bring to you what you desire, and that when you pray for God’s great gift of Grace, many more blessings will be forthcoming in your lives than when you neglect to do this important ritual.

Prayer can be developed into a “habit” which will be conducive to your spiritual growth and development. You can “program” yourself to thank God for your blessings when you see a beautiful sunset, or when you breathe in the fresh air - you can thank God for your earthly provisions when you brush your teeth; many people in the world today do not have toothbrushes.

Being thankful for your blessings is like a prayer, it is a prayer, and as you go through your daily activities, being aware of yourself as a child of the loving, living God, you elevate your consciousness and become more receptive to higher thoughts.

We have observed through centuries of attempts to help human beings become more kind and loving, and interested in cultivating their spiritual natures and soul awareness, that they have a great resistance to change, and this makes life more difficult for them since change is the law eternal. We feel that the changes which have commenced to come about in the church structure are unfolding in a good way. We are overseeing these events as best we can, considering the resistance, free will choices, and less-than-positive and loving motivations which are, for the most part, on the unaware level of those involved.

Even as was guided many years ago for a Church in the Heart to be a unifying spiritual tie to the many ribbons going down to each entity representing celestial values, this structure is being born again to help bring a sense of harmony, higher purpose, direction and goal to each of the followers.

Keep praying to be in touch with the feelings of love emanating from each step of the unfoldment. Do not rush to judgment - patience, understanding, and flexibility are required. Growth cannot fail to happen when Divine Love is being prayed for and manifested by the souls desiring to bring the Celestial plan into the world.

Nothing can grow without going through important and necessary changes. Be willing to let go of some ideas which have been part of your thinking over a long period of time, even those that you may not be aware you are acting upon, and which are causing you some distress.

If you believe, for example, that things need to evolve in a certain way for the desired result to be achieved, this belief may be incorrect. Perhaps the desired result will be achieved just as well, and maybe even more quickly, in another way. Spiritual outcomes are the result of the workings of higher laws and cannot always be understood by observing material events.

By having faith in your goodness and knowing that your desires and motives are loving, putting yourselves into God’s care and guidance and protection, you will attract the good result without the need to oversee each step of the unfoldment. In fact, you cannot oversee these steps because they work behind the scenes, where higher spiritual laws are carried out through love. Your only responsibility in helping these laws work is to pray and make sure you are extending your love, manifesting your highest awareness, and activating your soul’s desires for all of God’s children to find fulfillment and joy in their lives.

Of course, the only way that this desired goal can come to pass is through each and every soul connecting to their Creator with soul-felt longings to develop their highest potential, taking responsibility for their own harmony and acceptance of their brothers and sisters as children of a loving God.

We are with you in your desire to bring positive and loving changes to the unhappy and unloving world, as we are with all God’s children who have even a glimmer of hope. This hope opens a door for our influence to be felt. We guide all souls who are seeking to find a way out of their darkness and despair. When hope is lost, it closes the door, but sometimes we are able to bring our influences to bear in other ways, where a person can be led to a situation which will revive their hope and desire for salvation.

We know without doubt that God’s Love is more powerful than hate or anger, and that the Law of Eventual Harmony will come to pass. If everyone in the world desires that harmony reign, peace would be restored.

You, of course, cannot change the world overnight, but you can change yourselves that quickly. You can decide to trust in God’s laws to guide you in an upward direction, to fulfill your needs, and to satisfy your desires through surrendering your will to His Will. I realize that these concepts are not new to you, but they have not been applied regularly in your daily living. If you change your attitude and beliefs, your circumstances and influence will also change, and even though you may not change the world, you will bring about a change in your part of it, in what goes on around you, and your circle of influence.

I hope and pray that I have, or will have after application and prayer, made my point clear. Do not worry about apparent outcomes or results, your only concern is your intentions and desires. Leave the rest to God and the perfect workings of His laws.

I will leave you now with my blessings, and thank you for allowing me to express these thoughts through you this morning. I am your friend and brother in spirit, Joseph, the father of Jesus, who is in contact with your hand and pen, but there are many Celestials with me, surrounding you at this time.

We feel that the gist of the message is important for you to learn to apply in your efforts to build the Kingdom of Love on this earth: Do your best, extend your love, have faith in the goodness of your desires, trust in the workings of God’s laws to bring about a harmonious outcome, and never stop praying for Love and guidance.

We are here for you. Be there for yourselves by trusting in your own God-given goodness. God blesses you every day, and we watch over you and guide you as much as you allow us to.