Messages 2001

Love begins at home…

March 22, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven, Thank you for all the many blessings You bestow upon us everyday. Please help me be a clear channel for receiving a message from one of our Celestial spirit guides for our dear sister, R. She’s struggling with a lack of self-love and needs encouragement and guidance. She has a special spirit guide/friend she calls, “Darling,” and would very much appreciate hearing from this friend and learning more about her/him.

I pray for a great inflowing of Your wondrous Love at this time. Please protect me from lower spirit influences; help me put aside my forethoughts so I may receive the angels’ thoughts clearly and accurately. I want to be of service to You, dear God, and to help Your beloved children find their Way to You. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I am happy to come to you again today to answer your questions and assist you in serving your fellow human beings in this way. I am your friend and brother in spirit, Joseph, the father of Jesus, and as you see, you have also helped me overcome some of my reticence to come forth and serve my Father’s children on this earth.

I have seen over the centuries how this kind of attention to the people/spirits who have close connections to Jesus has caused distraction from the truths he taught and is still teaching, and that it’s these explanations about the availability of God’s Love which deserve the attention and credibility, not the person who is attempting to convey same.

As you are becoming so aware of how difficult it is to help people seek for and find the Way to at-onement with God, the fewer distractions and obstacles we put in the way the better. I have often suffered to see what kind of unpleasantness my dear Mary has had to endure because of the masses placing her in such high esteem and I became more determined than ever to not allow this to happen with me. But here I am dissolving my resolve for the greater good, even if it means I may have to suffer the indignities of being called the father of God. Isn’t that ludicrous? How can we imagine that a beautiful and great Soul who has always existed could possibly have a “father” or any other source of creation?

We can teach and explain about the importance of Love being the only quality which has the power to overcome humankind’s ills, but to get them to understand what Love is is an entirely different matter. Some who are a bit ahead of the game, so to speak, can accept that Love has to do with kindness and respect, with tenderness and caring, but all too often it’s interpreted as control and sexual pleasure: “If you love me, you’ll do as I say,” and this is about as far from love as a person can go.

I have here with me a beautiful spirit who says her charge calls her “Darling” and she wishes to convey some words of love to her. She’s been with R___ for a very long time, since even before she was in an unhappy relationship. In those days, R___ wasn’t as receptive to her thoughts as she is now, and try as she might to help R___ love herself more, she’s been having difficulty making inroads through this block.

One helpful way a person has of overcoming lack of self-love is through positive programming and affirmations. Even though you might feel these are useless or ineffective against such a strongly held or long-time belief in feelings of worthlessness or not being able to measure up to what you expect of yourself, these affirmations deal with the untruthful beliefs of the mind and these are what need to be changed. The soul which has started receiving the Grace of God’s Love to bring it into greater harmony with the Will of God will have less trouble accepting its goodness than the reasoning or so-called intellectual mind that has come to believe in its worthlessness or in the false belief that there’s no way it will be able to overcome all the shortcomings which have been accumulated in and through earth life experiences.

So, she is strongly suggesting to R___ that she get involved with positive programming through loving affirmations as often as possible throughout the day, and as important as prayers are to the soul, positive affirmations are equally important to the mind at this time to help reverse the bad effects of too many years of self-abuse of not thinking highly of yourself or not seeing yourself as a beautiful, loving/lovable child of God.

The affirmations can include acceptance of your own goodness; reminders of how much God Loves you; how through the Grace of God’s Love you can rise above all manner of negativity, challenges and change old patterns of thinking and believing. You can do it with the help of God’s Love and Mercy. Have courage. Activate your faith in the power of this Grace; it will not fail you if you do not fail yourself by giving up, by thinking that you can’t change.

Change is the Law Eternal. Nothing stays the same for long. It may seem long for the time that you’re enduring unpleasant experiences, but before you know it a new page is turned and these learning and growing experiences are all but forgotten, and you can proceed from this newfound upliftment and joy with new hope, looking forward to more good changes to come.

Do not despair, for it can be the despair itself that interferes with the reception of the Gift of Love and upliftment of spirit. We will remain with you to guide you to the best of our ability, but it is up to you to open yourselves to our guidance by loving yourselves more and praying for God’s Grace more and more.

Do you think that you can follow that guidance? If you said, “yes,” then you are on your way out of your unhappiness, overcoming your blocks, and finally feeling free to be yourself, who you are: a beloved and loving child of God.

I will leave you now with my blessings and “Darling’s”. She loves and appreciates the name you have given her, R___. She is your close friend and confidante. She will remain always by your side and you will meet her when you go to your next phase of life.

Carry on, be brave, and know that you are good and can demonstrate the power of God’s Love in your life and that this demonstration of Love is the highest and greatest guideline for living.

God bless you and keep you in Arms of Love throughout your days. I am your friend and brother in the Christ Spirit, Joseph, who was the husband of Mary and the father of Jesus, and who is a follower of his true teachings. Amen.