Messages 2001

Mary: the Law of Compensation

January 4, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza


_[A_’s question is: how did the Law of Compensation work or not work in regard to Abraham Lincoln and his role in the Civil War?]


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you again today to answer the questions you have posed to the best of my ability. I will say that oftentimes when we answer questions accurately and clearly, these answers are misinterpreted by the mind of the questioner and misunderstood, and are therefore less than satisfying. This often is due to the fact that preconceived ideas are held onto, in spite of the fact that the person posing the question does not believe or accept that fact. Oftentimes when people ask a question and believe they have an open mind as to what the answer will be, it is something they find unacceptable. They therefore go along as before, wondering about what the answer truly is to that same question.

The mind of human beings is given to question the reality of things. Investigation and search are its quest. But oftentimes, even when it stumbles over the answer, it does not see it clearly because it is in the “search mode” and is not ready, willing or able to stop and realize that the goal has been attained, that an answer has been found, because that would mean its job has come to an end, and it will need to find another avenue of search, or somehow make this answer fit into their frame of reference; it really does not seem to fit very well.

As you see, it is like trying to give a spiritual answer to a material question - it just does not fit very well, and oftentimes does not satisfy the question. But we always keep trying to help our beloved coworkers and God’s beloved children - ALL who are in search of truth find satisfactory answers to their burning questions, but these need to be found by a heart aglow with God’s Love burning inside. For without this opening up of the soul’s perceptions of Love and faith, spiritual answers are not attainable.

How the Law of Compensation works on a soul is an individual matter between that soul and the Soul of God. When people decide on a course of action with love as their motivating force, the result of this action will be rewarding. Whereas if they were to follow the same course of action, not being motivated by Love, they would not find fulfillment in their choice. So, the nuances of reward and punishment, of satisfaction and disappointment, are too numerous to evaluate in an individual case. Even a “do-gooder” so to speak, will not feel fulfilled in life because there may be certain expectations about what the outcome should be. And the so-called “rascal” might really have a good heart and find satisfaction and fulfillment in many choices he or she makes.

It will suffice to say that the Law of Compensation never fails to work. God’s laws are perfect, and even though people may postpone the paying of their compensation until they leave their body of flesh, it is a law which demands payment. And if Abraham Lincoln had not fulfilled payment for the law which he may have evoked if love were not always his motivating force, he was released from his physical life and would have finished his “payment” in the spirit world.1

Look at it this way. When a person dies unenlightened and enters the lower spheres, this “entry level” could be equated with compensation. But all the perfect laws are set up to accommodate a person’s spiritual development to help them along to greater goals and accomplishments.

A person can postpone paying for his or her sins because of certain attitudes and false beliefs. But this will in no way help him or her avoid paying the penalty altogether. It is an individual choice, free will - have you heard of it?

Do you want to live a materially-oriented life and receive material rewards, or do you want to know the Truth and develop your spiritual nature and loving qualities? It truly is your free will to choose. There are many so-called “successful” people in this world who have undeveloped souls. They will go into the dark planes when they leave the earth life. They will be more comfortable there than if they were to be allowed to go into brighter spheres. God loves all His children. His laws are set up to lead them toward the light. If they do not have their spiritual eyes open while they are in their earth life, they will be blinded by the light of Love if thrust into it when they enter the spirit world. So even in the seeming punishment of hell, God’s merciful laws are working.

When some people feel unworthy of the blessings they have been given, this lack of self-love is a form of self-punishment. Lack of faith in the goodness of God and His desire to see His children happy and comforted, is what you might call compensation for something. But what I am trying to demonstrate here is that what a person might have experienced as a result of certain choices and decisions, might not be directly related to those choices. Individuals may inflict self-punishments as a result of “thinking” that their choice was “wrong.” They may persecute themselves in unseen ways over things which were not out of harmony. So, to attempt to explain or enumerate ways one may have paid or may not have paid, is useless; in fact, it would be pointless to even try.

Suffice it to say that everyone will pay his or her penalty to the last farthing. Even God cannot prevent His children from inflicting unjust penalties/punishment against themselves if that is what they chose to do. These self-incriminations will not necessarily help pay their penalties because the freeing qualities are a result of Love, self-love, God’s Love, mercy, acceptance, surrender to a Higher Power, to God’s will. You know the way to this goal. You are on the path. Do not change course.


_[P_’s question is something like, is the universe indeed expanding, and what does that mean for God’s children living on earth?]


The universe is expanding. Change is the law eternal. As you know, spirits do not need air to breathe, fire does not affect their spirit bodies, travel is instantaneous. In the twinkling of an eye, a spirit can come from a distant star to your side when you call. Even though time and space exist and seem restricting to earthlings, it seems nonexistent to spirits because of their ability to transcend them.

When a person is attracted to the study of certain fields of science, they are interested in what these are saying and the mind needs to investigate, learn, search, grow; but the mind is limited in what it can learn. It is mostly confined to material knowledge observations and deductions, speculation included.

So, if people are striving to become wise instead of intelligent, they should seek, with their heart leading their mind. They need to acknowledge that they are more than a mind and a body. They need to look outside of themselves for a way to go higher than their minds can take them.

I know that there are people who firmly believe that if they cannot understand it with their mind, there is no way that it can be understood. But this is not the truth. So, from there, it would behoove a seeking soul to hold a strong desire to know the Truth as one of his or her first steps on the journey toward spiritual enlightenment.

I love you, each and every one. You all are beloved children of God, loved by Him far beyond what your mind could possibly ever know, but you can come nearer to learning of this Great Love through the development of your soul’s love. Pray for God’s Love to enlighten you. Give your will up to His. Take these steps every day and grow in Love. Approach closer to at-onement with the Source and find fulfillment unimaginable by the reasoning mind. I will write again soon. Amen.


1 Abraham Lincoln has answered this question himself.