Messages 2001

Overcoming blocks to the journey.

November 23rd, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Creator Soul,

_I pray for a great inflowing of your Divine Love at this time. I pray for protection from spirits who are not on the Divine Pathway of spiritual development. If I’m in condition to receive a writing from a Celestial Angel I would appreciate the privilege of channeling a Celestial message at this time, and if it’s possible, I would like information about V__ and E__ ’s friend M__ . Thank you for your loving care, understanding, patience and guidance. Amen._


I am here now to write, and also feel privileged to be given this opportunity. As you are aware, it takes the desire on the part of the medium for us to be able to channel our thoughts clearly and with fewer interruptions and less “static”, so we wait for these conditions to be harmonious, in most cases, before we commence a writing.

As you explained to V__, when a newly arrived spirit is commencing its spiritual growth, the blocks and fears which went to the spirit world on that soul need to be faced, acknowledged and removed before significant progress can be made. If a soul can “pretend” these blocks don’t exist, this deception is short-lived, because they will be there, and will show up and become undeniable in a short period of time. So, when a spirit is going through “struggles,” you shouldn’t view this as a negative event, but know, accept and understand that necessary changes are coming to pass, which will open the doors to clear passage out of difficulties.

Pray for M__’s enlightenment, send her your love; know that she is in good hands and will learn the important lessons ahead of her. You can use her example to benefit your own life: deal with all your blocks and fears now. Face truth, pray for enlightenment, don’t lock any “skeletons” in the closet, for they will remain there to “haunt” you even after you leave the earth life.

A spirit has free will, and can hang onto their patterns which cause distress for as long as they wish. You’ve heard about how some spirits remain earthbound, involving themselves emotionally with what their children are doing with the material possessions inherited from this spirit. This is a free will choice; they can hang around, get upset, influence these heirs to feel guilty or get angry - all for what? The spirit no longer has use of or need for the material possessions. If he or she can’t bring love and harmony to their children, they should try to move on. They could ask for help from companion spirits to influence these children in a positive way.

We are aware that habit patterns of thinking, acting and believing become quite strongly established in a person’s mind, and remain there as an active part of their personality even after they slough off the coil of flesh. But they can change these false beliefs and negative attitudes if they want to.

Oftentimes the challenge is to help the spirit, or persons still in earth life, to become aware of the fact that their attitudes are negative. False beliefs become real to a person, and even though “Change is the Law Eternal”, a person has to want to know the truth, has to be willing to accept that what they had believed in and acted upon for most of their life isn’t highest and best, and has been interfering with their progress and happiness. This should be easier for a spirit to accomplish, but sometimes they can be just as stubborn and unwilling to change as a mortal still in the flesh.

We will do what we can to help M__ in her spiritual evolution, but of course, she has to be willing to change and to accept our help before it will be effective in her life.

K. S’. question: What can I do to help my joints feel better? My right shoulder, in particular, is in distress, and I get cramps or stiffness in my finger joints, stiff neck, sore muscles, etc.. What Angel is writing? Are you still here?

Yes, my dear, we are still here. It’s just as difficult for us to get the information through you as it is for you to receive it, when you believe that you can’t be clear enough to “get it”.

But of course, we don’t mind to keep trying, and eventually we will deliver the thoughts, ideas and information which we’d like for you to receive, even if we need to write a volume to get one main point across - and it will be up to the seekers of truth to catch that “point” and to apply its principal in their life and spiritual progression.

You are on the Divine Pathway of spiritual evolution, and this acceptance of God’s Great Gift of Grace is the highest and best thing that anyone can do to help themselves to higher levels of awareness; of healing of body, mind, and soul; and for getting rid of inherited negative attitudes and qualities, false beliefs and limitations. For the material mind, with its reasoning powers, can only go so far; in the order to get past this limitation, one must seek inner truth and peace to realize that their soul has a Higher Source, and that it needs to reach out beyond itself to a realm which is beyond the reasoning mind’s comprehension.

And this can be done only through humility, sincerity, soulful longing to develop the highest potential of this unseen inner quality. So, of course, there can be no way to “sneak into” heaven, or to “fool” God and “steal” love from Him, because it’s only through the opening of the soul’s perceptions of love and faith that enables the Grace of God’s Gift of Love to flow into their soul.

So, you are doing what is most helpful to overcome your limitations of the flesh by seeking to develop your spiritual qualities, by putting yourself into God’s Arms of Love, by praying to be baptized by the Holy Spirit - the instrumentality which brings Divine Love to the soul of the prayerful child.

For when the soul is healed and transformed into a new creation, the mind and body will also be healed. Do not underestimate the power of God’s Divine Love to bring about positive loving changes in your life! You have already seen and experienced evidence of this great change in your own life…

We will always be here to help you, to pray with you, when you invite us to. To protect you from negative spirits, if you desire that protection. But as you see, you are the one who calls the shots; we can’t interfere with your own free will, and force our love and protection upon you if you don’t ask for it.

I leave you now with my blessings, and will say that I have enjoyed the opportunity of writing through you today. I am your long-time friend and guardian, Andrew the Apostle of Jesus, and even though I rarely write, I am never far from your beck and call. I love you, and will continue to watch over you throughout the remainder of your life on earth. I am a true follower of our Master’s teachings, who is Jesus, and Master of the Celestial Heavens.