Messages 2001

Prayer, the best preparation.

September 30th, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Heavenly Father, someone in our extended spiritual family wondered if the ministering angels might shed more light on what the United States of America did, or did not do, to cause the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York and on the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. …


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come in answer to your desire to receive a written message from a Celestial Spirit. I am one such spirit, and have been transformed through the Grace of God’s Divine Love into a born-again soul, incapable of sin, and impervious to temptation, as do all souls when they enter the Celestial Heavens.

As you are aware, God’s children are subject to the workings of His perfect laws, which have been put into operation to govern His children to eventually bring them into harmony with the laws of Love, either in the natural sense or the highest quality of the Divine Love, which can only come into a soul through humble prayer and prolonged desire. When disastrous events happen, these are within the scope of laws operating in the lives of people living on earth. Of course, the majority of people believe that “accidents” happen, which have nothing to do with the thoughts or actions of those involved, but this is not the case.

One might feel that it’s not fair for innocent people to suffer because of some who have evil intentions or hateful actions. As we have attempted to explain on other occasions, oftentimes people have been guided to “change course” and go to the donut shop, the cleaners, stay awhile longer at the café, any number of inspired interventions have interfered with a person’s being in a certain place at a certain time, where disaster was about to strike.

Innocent people die every day. It is not always a blessing to live to a ripe old age. What if their health is declining, if their joints are painful, if they can’t function well, and feel useless? One can’t make the broad statement that “he was too young to die.” What if, because of that untimely death, his heretofore unnoticed works become popular or effective, to bring positive changes to his “cause.” He would rest in peace and feel vindicated, rewarded for the event which caused his passing.

There are any numbers of positive outcomes from “calamities” viewed as negative or appalling. The event in question had been attempted previously. There have been other such attacks using biological weapons. There have been threats and promises of more to come, so why was it such a surprise - because it was unexpected or not prepared for properly? How can one prepare for such a disaster?

Prayer is the best preparation. Striving to bring your soul into harmony with love is the best way you have to overcome hate and anger. You can rise above negative influences when you are filled with love and truth, and when you love your enemies, knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that they will suffer as a result of their hateful actions, and that they will need your prayers. Everyone has to answer to the laws of God. Ignorance of the law does not protect you from paying compensation. The false belief that God wants you to kill your enemies will not protect you from paying the penalties for unloving acts.

There are floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, volcanoes, and forest fires, all of which take many souls into the spirit world. These are called “natural disasters,” but I can assure you that when God’s children come into harmony with love, and are living peacefully with their brothers and sisters on earth, these so-called natural disasters will be less frequent and less violent. They are intensified by the negativity of humankind.

It may be more difficult to be loving toward all your brothers and sisters during times of greater unrest, but that is your challenge. Jesus teaches us to love our enemies. What have we shown of the power of God’s Love if we love our friends and hate our enemies?

You know that the only way peace will be attained among nations is for each and every individual soul to develop his or her own quality of love. It doesn’t come from taking a pill, it doesn’t happen by hiding in a secret place; it’s only a result of prolonged desire and prayer, and reaching out with your love to help others, to be an example of what God’s Love can do to bring you greater depth of understanding and faith.

Channeling spiritual healings can be helpful in demonstrating the power of God’s Love in the world, but it may not prove helpful in getting others to turn to God in prayer for His Love, as you understand that it is an individual matter, between each soul and the Soul of God. You are not alone in your struggles; we are ever diligent to bring to you the strength and power and love you need to pull you through the toughest conflicts and the most perplexing quandaries.

Don’t become disheartened or fearful because the lower spirits, confused and angry, are all too ready and anxious to pass on their distress to you. It somehow seems to make them feel better to share their misery, they feel “rewarded” through their negative interpretation by bringing you down to their level of anguish and suffering.

You have the keys to the kingdom. You know the way to the gates of heaven. You do not have to suffer or ever doubt the power of God’s Love in your life, in your soul. If you stumble, you don’t have to fall because you have found the true pathway to freedom and peace. Even if you’re involved in a disaster, natural or otherwise, your soul will soar, and you will experience the rewards of your years of dedication to the truths of God’s Love and all the attempts you’ve made to share these truths with others.

God bless you, each and every one. There will be other attacks on freedom in your lifetime, but freedom comes from God, it cannot be evaluated by luxurious surroundings. There are all forms of oppression, which are not always obvious on the surface of things.

Death is part of the earth experience; it should not be made out to be such a sinister event. When a child dies at birth, even though it’s devastating and traumatic for the parents and family, oftentimes people feel that the child did not suffer. You know it did not have a long, painful experience in the flesh. You know that life in the spirit world is more pleasant, joyful and harmonious than earth life is. I would like to suggest that you learn to view death more as a reward than a punishment. That’s just a suggestion, mind you, not that you should attempt to escape your responsibility to become a loving example during your life while you’re here on earth.

One day at a time is a loving pace. Do your best in each moment. Give your love to the greatest of your ability. Accept your limitations. Pray for God’s Love to motivate you, and you will continue to grow spiritually. You will become happier and more peaceful, and love will shine from your soul - others will see it and feel it, and so will you. There is no reason to be discouraged when you have absolute faith in the power of God’s Love to enfold you, protect you, and guide you toward at-onement with the Source of Love.

I will leave you now with my blessings, and thank you for giving me this opportunity to write. I pray that my message might bring peace and comfort to many who have been feeling distress. I love you each with an abiding love given to me by God. You, too, are gaining strength in this awesome Love, and someday it will be so strong and powerful in your life, you will wonder how or why you ever doubted its ability to raise you up from any devastating situation. I am a high Celestial spirit, close to Jesus in the Celestial Heavens.

This message was received from Joseph, the father of Jesus.