Messages 2001

Raising Children.

July 29th, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am John the Apostle, as you know me on earth, and I am a true follower of my Master, Jesus, into the Fountainhead of God’s Love.

I am happy to have this opportunity to come to you and write upon the subject of how the newly incarnated soul learns of the Laws of God, and what may aid their progress in understanding the truth.

One may assume that when a soul, pure and undefiled by sin, incarnates into the flesh, that they are greatly impeded by the sins and errors of their parents and the generations of souls who lived on earth before them. Most certainly it is true that our parents and their beliefs influence us, but you may observe in children that they possess a wonderful resilience and a “will” to test the limits set down by their parents. As a parent, it is important to perceive these child-like qualities as the soul nature expressing itself.

Let me use the saying, “be here now,” as an example. A child has no difficulty leaving behind an experience that may have been unpleasant, even within that same day. When the young child is learning to walk, and falls repeatedly in his attempts, perhaps even hurting himself, he is not deterred from trying again and again. One reason he can do this is because of his will to imitate life, and when he sees his parents and siblings walking on two legs, he does not give up attempting to accomplish the same. But another reason, more integral to his ability to keep trying, is that he is not attached to the prospect of crawling on his knees, just as he is not attached to the idea that he needs to be able to walk perfectly without falling. The child is open, in that moment, to the truth of what walking is - an instinct, ability and a desirable goal.

Primarily, the truth is best captured on a moment-by-moment basis, and when the mind is open to the possibilities, and not attached to its own concepts of what the truth is, then you may find yourself better able to utilize your soul qualities of will and desire to succeed. Within a moment, the alignment of your will and desire, with your abilities at that time, may begin to motivate an entire change of the course of your life.

Poetry, music and other art forms are often a demonstration of these inspired moments; the mind is in the background while the soul expresses itself. Art has always been an important aspect in human evolvement, and it often heralds what “can be,” and expresses the aspirations of the soul, despite the limitations of the material world.

How you may encourage the pure soul of a child to remain mobile in its progression is to come back to yourselves as adults. Parents are certainly the most influential factor in how a child views himself and the world - imitating life is one way children adapt to their environment. If you were to never walk in your child’s presence, he would not be so inclined to walk. But let us remember the soul, with its free will and desire to test limits - a teenager is a good example of these qualities in action. What of limits, and how do young people begin to have a respect for the laws of God that govern our lives? You may wonder if you always encourage them to express themselves, will that not have an adverse effect in this imperfect world? The answer is “yes.” Explain to them the laws of God in the conduct that encourages love and respect for others, and limit their freedom within your own home, not because you want to go against their free will, but because you want to uphold the Will of God. Yes, it is like you are pulling rank, not merely your own, but God’s, Who is also their parent. If they are open at all to the truth of the moment that you are in with them, they will realize that what you are saying and asking of them, or more so, “imposing” upon them, is the higher and better choice.

You now have the opportunity to remove the blinders of your mind’s limitations - those beliefs to which you have become attached and find comfort in. Activate the potential of your soul in your world, and manifest the love in your hearts. You have seen evidence of your potential in how perfectly events unfold when you do your work with love, and this is because you are in the moment with your will, desire, and ability to reach your goal, supported by God’s Will and the angels’ direction. We are a good team, yes?

I love you, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and I am John the Apostle of Jesus, who is our Master and friend.