Messages 2001

Stand strong against violence.

December 1st, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your guardian, Mary, the mother of Jesus. I am very happy to have this opportunity to come to you to write, as I love you, and would like to share my love with my brothers and sisters who seek to follow my beloved son’s example of Divine Love manifest in the world.

It is a sad time for the many of you who are either watching the horrors of war perpetrated by your leaders, or for you who are caught within the crossfire by reason of your nationality and homeland. I want to send a message of comfort to you who are without your home, you who are in fear of your life. The angels are with you en masse, surrounding you with their prayers and faith so that you will feel their protection of your soul life; for this is what must be considered right now - that you are children of a loving God who did not choose such a fate for you.

As you seek to embrace your own, whether a family member or a neighbor, to offer the small amount of warmth and comfort, hope and faith that you can gather from within, keep in mind that you are acting from your real self, the self that is not tied to homeland or political alliance, the self that can still stand strong and say, “I AM.” For we, in the great heaven of spirit, love you, and are helping you to reach upward to see beyond the cruelties and injustices of mankind. We want you to gaze into the Eyes of Love that have looked upon you from the moment of your creation.

My children, you are love. Please recognize that every step you take away from your love is a step into darkness. And what is this darkness? It is no less than ignorance of where to turn, who to trust, and your very purpose. Look around you and you see no leader standing for love of brother for brother. Look around you and you see the life of a human being measured by material wealth and power - things that come and go as the wind.

Should you but look now to the One who knows you as you truly are, and pray for His Love to rescue you from your despair, such rejoicing will be made - the heavens would ring with song, and love will become the Light to lead your faltering steps. Feel our arms around you, my children, and in turn embrace the one next to you. Send them to love, surround them with love, be as you are now, surviving with the hope, courage, and will to make your life better than the darkness and destruction around you.

Your children are looking to you for guidance to become citizens of a world of peace, for surely war and rage, fear and hate do not create such a world. Who will stop it? You must stop it. Even as you are cold and hungry, let us feed your spirit with the determination to survive with dignity and peace. Take what strength is left in your hands to help another. Take what sight you have to look for someone to comfort.

I love you, my own dear family - you are my beloved brothers and sisters. I cannot describe the depth of my love for you, except that I hold you fiercely in my soul, never to leave you alone and afraid.

God wants you to come to Him. Come home to the Hearth of His Love where you will never be without, where you will be within His Peace for all eternity. Come home to us.

I am Mary the mother of Jesus, and one who prays for and has received God’s Divine Love.