Messages 2001

The Goodness of Daily Living.

November 2nd, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here, John, the Apostle of Jesus, and I am your brother in Christ. I am your brother because you are born into a family that recognizes God as our Parent, and this truth will never leave you.

Yes, I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens, but I wish to speak to you as inhabitants of the earth plane, you who are still in the flesh, but possessed of the knowledge that this life is only a shadow to the greater life of the soul.

Many people wonder what the truth is when they feel out of sync with what they see going on around them, especially at this time when world powers struggle to assert their hold on “truth” and “justice,” when neither of these qualities are present in the minds and hearts of these leaders. What of your power, my fellows in Christ?

Many of you seek comfort in the small, seemingly unimportant things of your daily lives that remain a source of joy: reading the daily astrological column, eating a delicious meal, making love to your partner who offers you his or her arms of love and safety. But what really brings the glow of joy to these moments is your indulgence to allow yourself your goodness, for in this moment you love, and believe that your world is good.

Love is so important to raise up before your eyes, so often assaulted by the ugliness of human sin and error. You may see love in the beauty of the earth - the sun and moonrise, the smell of a rose, the way your beloved holds your hand with care and kindness. Your heart opens like a flower and, somehow, light and sound are brighter and more harmonious.

My fellow disciples, you are living in a place within your souls that is elevated to harmony and peace. You are there - do not doubt it. When you pray to God for the Love you feel burning in His Great Soul for you, when you allow yourself to be washed in this power that is sometimes so overwhelming you must stop it and say, “enough,” you are face to face with who you are: creators of light and peace, love and truth, children of Love, disciples of the Master of a heaven whose very existence is formed upon the Power of Love.

Our Master wants each of us to accept ourselves as beings whose sensibilities are born from Divine Love, reborn into the immortal life of a soul transformed into something new. You may say that you are certainly not transformed into this being at this time of your progression, but I assure you that your aspiration, alone, will make it so. Yes, you are not perfect. Yes, you struggle with your weakness, but God answers every prayer you send from your heart to be like Him, to be only love and goodness, to be only for truth and justice, as God wants it to be, not man.

Believe in the power of your prayers. You must know that God believes in it - He never fails to answer you. Faith is the product of our love that never tires from turning to God for help, over and over, when all seems lost, when the road seems to go nowhere.

Look to those little moments and praise God and your own goodness that you are blessed with love. That daily word you look to for guidance will lead your thoughts to making this world a better place. That delicious meal you enjoy with your family, who is your rock in these troubled times, the love you make - every moment adds more light to the darkness of “no love.”

Life is good because you are in it, blessed children, beacons to all humankind. The angels are with you, guiding you to step into the plane of harmony and light that exists in your hearts, minds and souls. We are one in the spirit of Christ, and pure love will command your steps not to falter.

I love you, my brothers and sisters. I am your brother and my love will never tire of embracing you as my own family - John.