Messages 2001

The Soul and Its Emotions.

March 24, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here, Mary the mother of Jesus, your friend and the guardian of your love-filled soul. The Divine Love fills me, and I am sharing this love with you because you are my sister in Christ who loves and serves our God. I will pass along some information regarding the soul and its emotions. Prior to the incarnation of the soul it was able to utilize its free will. Although the perceptions of the soul were undeveloped, it realized opportunities to exercise this gift of will, for the soul desired to individualize. Unformed thoughts are one way to describe emotion, and what drives emotion and thought is desire. From the moment of our creation, our free will responded to our soul’s desire to begin its progress and become actualized.

If we can imagine, go back in time to our having newly arrived into the fetus that we took as our physical identity. Here, we find our free will now confined to the limitations of this body, but our desires are intact.

We reach out with those desires to the closest soul we are in contact with, and that is our mother. This “host” to our new life on earth is completely developed into a being aware of truth and untruth, and whose development depends upon whether her life reflects soul love or a soul devoid of love. We, the newly arrived traveler, reach out with our desire for love, for this is the reason we were called into existence, and we were aware of the Presence of God’s Love even before we incarnated. Unfortunately what we are offered in response to our desire for love is not love, but something that may have at one time had its shadow in true love, but is now an untruthful invention of our mother’s beliefs.

As our longing for love goes unanswered, this is the first time we become aware of disappointment and unfulfillment. You understand from this illustration how emotions such as sadness, jealousy, envy, anger and fear may arise from the lack of love that meets our need for well-being; the world is not “right,” and those feelings are strong and unmistakable in us.

You have often heard the phrase, “getting in touch with one’s feelings” and how this is a healthy step toward healing wounds in our heart. This is true because emotions and feelings are the best gauge by which we can determine the truth of our soul’s health or lack thereof. By recognizing the emotions that well up inside us, we may ask why we hurt, what makes us angry or sad, and in this way align ourselves with the truth of how we must change to be able to stop the feelings of hurt and anger.

The soul who is mature enough to seek truth and not continue the hurt by hurting others will find answers. The angels are moved by their love to guide and protect these “fledgling” souls, encouraging them to be attracted to love and truth, and they work with the soul’s desires to bring it closer to the object of its desire: to love and be loved, unconditionally, such as our Creator loves us.

Although it may be argued that human nature does not seem to improve, such is not the case. Our makeup causes us to find truth despite adversities, and in the spirit world the truth is laid bare for all to see. Love cannot be disguised by pretty gifts or the security of possessions; only love that is given freely, with no expectation of return and with joy for its own giving, will be recognized for what it is, and that it is the greatest power that exists in all the universe.

Of course you know the way to achieve fulfillment, happiness, peace, comfort, trust, love and faith is to pray for the Gift of Love that God waits to give you. As this Holy Love fills you, it meets your needs and brings you all your heart’s desires. My children, you are my sisters and brothers, we are God’s beloved children. Seek His Love and this Love will satisfy you as no other can.

I love you and will leave you with my blessings, my dear ones -

Mary, the mother of Jesus,

and one who obeys the Will of God