Messages 2001

White Eagle: Other-sightedness.

February 11, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am White Eagle, a true follower of my master, Jesus, and a partaker of the Divine Love, the Essence of God’s Soul.

I would like to share with A__ that we are with him, to help him see the truth about his condition, for the truth will enable him to turn this condition towards God to let Him use it.

We are aware that A__ has the gift of what some call “other-sightedness” - the ability to see into the spiritual cause of illness, and see it in such a way that he may translate for his brothers and sisters the truth, that they may be able to look into their own hearts and minds as they never have.

A__’s gift of healing developed through his desire to serve God, and to see his life as God would want him to see it. There is no mistake that he loves God with his whole heart and here is what this Divine Love can do:

A__, this particular condition causes you not to see “physically” what is at the very center of your vision. What we are asking you to do, at this time, is to put your love and faith into physical reality by “seeing” spiritually what is always present with us. Concentrate upon this center, which is unclear to your physical sight, and let the vision of your developed soul take the place of this center. Let this center illuminate for you the realities that are present in what you are looking at.

An example: have your son stand before you and ask God to give you a spiritual sight of him, to see into his soul and desires, and let this vision take shape in your mind and heart until you can formulate an image that translates into a perception that is true and loving. Even though you may not be able to clearly see his physical body, you can see his spirit body through your own spiritual sight.

The five senses are not resident within the physical, but are within the spirit body. These senses are an extension of perception that, as human, begins with the soul. The soul is the real part of us, the enduring self that goes on after so-called “death.” Now you must understand that the ability to perceive, and process what we perceive, exists within us from the moment we are created. Our souls were in existence prior to our entrance into the physical body, and so perception existed.

Through the means of the eyes, ears, mouth, nose and skin, our physical surroundings poured into these orifices as input, and we could therefore perceive our world. But, perception, having existed prior to our incarnation, must then extend far beyond the physical, and into the spiritual environment we find ourselves in.

You have this gift A__. We are asking you now to use it to compensate for what you cannot “see” - that is, your illusory, physical environment - with what you can see - the truth, the Spirit of God manifest in this world.

Continue in your aspiration to be God’s instrument of love and healing. Have faith that He will keep you close to Him, and that the workings of His highest Laws of Love will bring the order and providence you seek for yourself and your family.

Yes, it is a challenge to be in a physical world without physical sight, but it is even more difficult to be in this world without spiritual sight. You know this - how difficult it is to see what occurs as a demonstration of the lack of love and harmony within the human soul, the evil and sin that brings such unhappiness to human life.

With God’s Love and the sight of our soul’s perception, we know these are only temporary setbacks in the progress of the soul, which our faith allows us to see and hear, feel and touch in Christ Love. We are uplifted to hope, to pray to receive the Grace and Mercy of God.

I love you, my dear brother, A__. We are with you always. Many angels are here to assist you and help guide your love and faith. We are employing the highest laws to effectively transform your perception of sight into one that will never fail you.

Please remain with us in your love and faith. You will not doubt the Mercy God shows you, for you are in His Grace.

I am White Eagle and your brother and friend in the Divine Sight.