Messages 2002

Difficulties reaching for the Father.

April 24th, 2002

Received by PJR.

New York City.


[OK, I will write. Although, I know not what there is for you to say.




I am here your dad,

And you have to know how much I love to sit and pray to the Father with you — like we did just now.

Your life is so full of Earth affairs; I see how you yearn for a more simple existence — one, as you imagine, the clouds of heaven will offer. Just remember your stay there is but an afternoon of work and sigh’s, learning and choices — an afternoon that unfolds as you make it; but a long life is as hardly a day when you consider the promise of your existence.

Your questions, always your questioning and questions: Through your whole life you have done this. Turn to the Father with these. Take your questions to Him. He will get you your answers — giving them in the order most fitting, in the time best suited for your growth.

So long it seems you wait, as the time ticks by. So many questions, and so little progress you see. Oh yes, your progress: You measure it by questions answered. But is that really progress? You desire progress in the eyes of our Father, but you measure progress by questions answered. Are you really measuring the right thing? Oh how much better it would be to open your heart to Him — as a little child — with hope, desire and need, rather than ticking off your accomplishments and taking knowledge as though it was progress or wisdom.

Be a restful and patient soul.

There. Your own sigh tells you how much better for you, if you could so be, and measure your “progress” not by what you or some other decides, but leave that to the Father — making yourself susceptible to His Way.

When you release the grip you have on your life for Him to enter, you start to unwinding what was done when you chose your idea of progress over His Desire for your way. It is not work to call on His Holy Spirit, unless your desire results in it being work that you make.

Oh, you are receiving me well enough to understand what I want to say.

And now? Are you again going to measure your own progress by judging the quality of the “writing” you do here? You are writing down what I give you well enough to understand what I am saying.

If the kind of medium you are fits poorly into one of those categories, would you start telling me it does not work? Just take it all at face value and get from it what you may.

I see our time is up.

Thanks for trying to write.

Love, Dad


[Did I receive this morning’s message very well?

Love, PJR.]


You know you did; you just don’t want — or are afraid — to let go of your doubts.

You’re not going to experience your mediumship in the way that you would like. Always it will be as though trying to grasp at things or shadows beyond your reach.

You had it right earlier today when you realized that you are trying to live in two different worlds, and always one or the other of them will appear more real to you. It makes no difference which one actually is more real. In fact the less real one is the more real in appearance to you now! So yes, your heart and desires are for this world, but your body and life are in that one. And hence some of your problems — the root thereof. But do you know? It does not matter one jot where you are, what world or sphere you are living in, or which one you desire, when you — above all of that — establish a relationship with the Father. He is always ready, willing, and able to help you as a soul-being with your two-world problem.

What do you want?

You want one world but you live in another. So here we are, back again to what you want. We are back to this morning.

Did you receive this morning’s message accurately? Would it help if you had? or rather: Did it help that you did? As I have told you before, when (I was) alive: “Well: now you can see your problem.”


[Thanks for helping me with these things even if I am a marginal medium.]


The results of which — as you see — speak for themselves

I know how high a leap it is on some days for you to embrace so Vaulted and Holy a creature as God is. But, as you watch your son trying to grow, you can be sure — as you know how you feel toward him — you can just imagine how the Creator of your soul feels about you — about your aborning efforts at reaching for Him. Go back to the question of: “What does God want for you?” Or better said: “What Path does He light for your way?”

I ask you: What path, when you take it, extends toward the darkness?

Remember: The path harmonious to His Way appears to your soul as brighter than the one you may choose that is not.


[It is so hard to constantly maintain a strong desire for the Love of God and His Will to enter and be a part of my life when I am so self-determined, here in this life, and have such a full — overflowing really — life to absorb all of my time, attention, efforts and therefore the energy of my desire: my spirit.]


Well put.

But beside all of that I would also like to say that you have many others, who Love you as much in their own way, available to help you. And I say that, hoping you will – knowing that fact – take heart and have Faith in our Fathers ability to HELP you, if not directly — as you may be unfavorably predisposed when in a moment of “darkness” — then indirectly through us, your guardians.

He loves you so much as to send an appropriate instrument to your aid at the best time, and that, if not by one of His Spirits, then by Activation: one of us, one of ours.

You need not pine so much for our world when you have a world so real — real enough — right there under your nose: real enough for your nose to breathe it in. You can feel the Father where you are, there, as well as anywhere, and added to that: We are with you always too.

You are learning.


Learning and growing — even today.

Love, Dad (PSR).