Messages 2002

Experiences of Jewish Spirits and a discussion of Anxiety.

December 5th, 2002

Santa Cruz

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Joseph.

It is true that you have had various “worry” spirits who have come to you. As you know, spirits who have had a horrible death can continue to perpetuate the negative emotional states even when, in spirit, there is no reason to do so. Of course, because this is their soul development, they attract an environment that reflects their anxiety and distress. So, they continue in that state until they are taught a better way. Such is the case with many of your mother’s relatives. They have indeed been an influence on you, but not just them, but others as well.

There have been Jewish spirits who don’t like it when one of their own “converts” to believing in Jesus, as you have done. So they naturally have tried to bring their “erring” brother or sister back into the fold. Obviously, in your case, they have failed.

You do have many Jewish ancestors who have come to you. However, the truth is that at least some of them have been inclined to consider your beliefs, for, being fairly open-minded, they have noticed the change in your emotions, and have also observed much higher spirit activity around you. Of course, this does not apply to all of them - just some.

There is just as much a diversity of opinion and belief here amongst Jewish spirits as there is on earth. There are all types of gradations by which Jews have related to, or not related to, their heritage. And yes, there have been Jews who, in spirit, came to believe in Jesus’ message.

We do not impose our beliefs and respect the free will that all spirits possess. But we are always anxious to share our faith. And this has happened in the case of Jewish spirits who may be inclined to hear what we have to say. Sometimes, Jewish spirits may independently, as a result of dissatisfaction, reach out to know something different from what they have been taught, and then we are right there for them. In many instances, Jews are not prepared to deal with the exigencies and laws of spirit life. But this does not prevent many of them from holding fast to their heritage, as they did on earth.

Now, amongst your direct relatives and ancestors, there has been, as I have implied, a divide between those seeking to bring you back to Judaism, and those willing to consider your different point of view. These latter have been very impressed not just by the higher spirit activity around you, but also by the knowledge you possess about things pertaining to the spirit world.

As you have progressed in your faith and lessened your anxiety, the rapport with the worry spirits has been loosened, and they have partially lost their ability to influence you. Some of these spirits have not been evil, but simply have not been able to remove their anxiety. So don’t think that they are all bad.

It may be argued that anxiety comes from some sort of chemical imbalance in the brain, but we choose to believe that it is an attitudinal choice, and that one can choose to be anxious or not. You have had many instances in your life when you have been anxious about something, and then you have lost that anxiety by someone showing you that there was no cause for fear. What happens with anxiety is that it pervades the body, encouraging the release of certain hormones, and this snowballs, unless the reaction is broken by a change in attitude.

This former unfortunate state occurred with you in the 1960s - it was out of control, and thus you saw no way out of your distress, because you saw no valid reason to change your attitude - that was, as far as you were concerned, “the way life is.” With growth and maturity, you have learned that there is ample cause and reason to think of life without anxiety. And so, your anxiety has lessened in proportion to how your faith and positive attitude have been strengthened.


Note: The medium is Jewish and believes in the Padgett messages. Many of his mother’s relatives died in the Nazi Holocaust.