Messages 2002

Invite yourself into your soul.

February 2nd, 2002

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your friend and guardian, Mary, the mother of Jesus. It has been a while since we have taken this opportunity, and I wish to thank you for being willing to take up the pen with me.

I would like to impart a message to all my brothers and sisters who are making the effort to live in love and harmony, and I want to lend my prayers to yours for your success in bringing your love into reality in your daily life.

It may seem small when you find that you have a smile upon your face while doing a mundane task, that, in itself, has not brought you joy or a sense of accomplishment. It may seem insignificant that you find that you are humming a tune as you go about your day, and that you welcome others into your happy thoughts. Ah, but this is no less than your love shining through your mind and physical body – your treasure box has been opened for all eyes to see this beautiful gift you have to share.

Do not underestimate how powerful your ready hands are when these hands are extended to any task with love. Do not put down your musings on how you may help others as less than your holy will, for your will becomes so when love is the motive.

Perhaps there are some of you whose faith in God’s Love is always present and able to lift you from all thoughts of despair. But for those of you whose faith may be weakened by the material evidence of the lack of love in your life, and in the lives of your friends and families, and the world, I ask you to invite yourself into your own soul. Ask yourself what you can do, right now, that will help you understand how you have come to be where you are. Would you find that you are seeking to know the truth? Would you find that you have been discontent with all the negative and unloving choices others have made before you? Would you find that the Divine Love that exists within your soul, as a result of your aspirations for truth and help, shines now for you to see?

Answer your soul, and you will find that you are calling out to the only Source of comfort that you have found in your seeking: The Divine Love that never fades or lessens, but calls out for more of itself, for it seeks its Source, like a river returning to the sea. Let God into your soul, and you have come into this neverending flow of love that pulls you, ever so gently, onward toward the fountainhead of eternal joy.

You are not lost, my children. You are God’s holy ones who are carrying out His Will, even unbeknownst to you. I love you. I am with you whenever you ask. I am your sister in Christ, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and I am your devoted friend.

I am here, John the Apostle, and I am your brother and friend in the Divine Love. You correctly perceived that I wished to add to Mary’s message, and what I would like to address is the possible wonder that you, who have commenced your progression in this life-altering love, will so certainly follow God’s Will when you know you have free will. There are, among others, two laws at work in your progression that tend to make you “stick to the program.”

First is the law of attraction. Like attracts like, and when you have received the Divine Love, you find yourself attracted to this Substance that can be found in God’s Soul, and to those moments where you are in communion with Him. As you are aware, the analogy has been used of how yeast works in the dough. Once your soul has received this life-giving Substance, it multiplies itself, seemingly effortlessly, as if with a life of its own. In truth, this Love does have a life within your soul, as you become a new being, real within the universe of God that is not subject to change, and equally, there is a whole universe of laws that now go into action, as a result of your becoming a part of divinity and immortality.

The second law is the law of progression, which puts you into that neverending, ever-moving river of Love that Mary spoke of. You have tasted the nectar of God’s Love, and you will now be satisfied with nothing else. It is the truth, and this truth will exist longer than any material law that you find comfort in. Yes, the sun will come up every day, until that ancient star burns out. But the immortal light that God’s Soul puts forth to you will never be extinguished, and you will always seek its warmth.

I love you, my dear family in Christ. I am your brother, John.