Messages 2002

Johann Sebastian Bach’s experiences.

December 31, 2002

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Johann Sebastian Bach.

I greet you on this last day of the year to tell you of my love. I have had quite a happy spirit experience, and now reside in the Celestial Heavens.

The formal expressions of a creative genius are, of course, extraordinary. When experiencing great art or great music, the mortal person is, from one point of view, not earthly, but is transported to a higher sphere of existence. There is a field of study here about such matters.

I did not, when on earth, have a clear idea about my greatness as a composer. I knew I had a mastery of technique. But, as you know, I seldom heard my music performed properly at Leipzig, and I was not acknowledged as a great composer. Also, I was humble about my gift. So, I was very pleased as I saw my stature grow. Now I realize the extent of the gift I had. But by the time my earthly reputation was secure, I had ceased caring about such matters.

Of course, as you well understand, I was initially disappointed to discover that many of my Lutheran beliefs were false. For awhile it was hard to make the transition to what I now believe. But I did make the transition, and now, looking back, I have trouble understanding how I could have believed as I did.

On a personal note, know that you will accomplish what you were born for. I am referring to your composing. You will be guided to resume composing at the appropriate time.

I was a mortal of deep feeling. I really cared about my family and about people in general. I had, as you know, a stubborn streak, which at times put me at odds with the authorities. I was consoled knowing that at least I had recognition as a great organist.

I believed almost perfunctorily in the Lutheran creed - that was the truth as far as I was concerned. But as everyone now acknowledges, my music was universal.

Composition came easy for me. I did not often labor over notes the way other composers have done. I worked in my head, working out the details. It was my mind that “saw” the music, and how the different parts and instruments cohered. I had studied very zealously the music of my contemporaries and my predecessors. It was a very natural process for me to compose based on what I had learned.

Mine was a very busy life. With all the children and my various posts, I seldom had free time (aside from time for composing), and in truth, did not feel bad about this, as I liked the idea of keeping busy - it was something in my German character.

I was proud of my children when they achieved success, and was heartened that four of my sons turned to composing.

I will be writing again. Let me close by wishing you a Happy New Year.