Messages 2002

Joseph in Egypt.

November 1st, 2002

Santa Cruz

Received by F.A.B.


When I was overseer in Egypt, I had many opportunities to share privately my Hebrew convictions about the one true God. Though many Egyptians did not agree or understand, they nevertheless respected my views, because of my high station in society. It was a thrill to have that, for all my previous life I had occupied a very humble position. But I was ready to assume these responsibilities, and in fact, in some subtle ways, all along God had prepared me for these duties.

I had occasion to study Egyptian religion and found it very primitive compared to my own. I could not understand how they could subscribe to such beliefs. But I kept quiet about this in public because I didn’t want to offend. Jews at that time were in a minority position, and it would have been inappropriate to blatantly preach and try to convert. And in truth, I had more an attitude of live and let live in regard to these Egyptian beliefs. So, I was not suppressed, but neither was I encouraged, to continue believing as I did. At any rate, Egypt loved me and appreciated the good will I had for her, and I responded by respecting and tolerating those beliefs that contradicted my own.