Messages 2002

Joseph of the Old Testament.

October 30th, 2002

Santa Cruz

Received by F.A.B.


Yes, it is I, (Joseph) and I bring you greetings from the spirit world. Though it is thousands of years since I lived on earth, I have retained certain memories of it. In many ways I was able to accomplish my mission on earth and bring to my family the joy that came from knowing that our God was, and is, the true God.

My brothers humbly sought to undo the harm they caused me, and remained devoted to me. I continued to interpret dreams - many Egyptians came to me with their dreams, and I was able to discern many things in their lives as a result.

I am happy that the memory of my life was preserved, for I knew I had done something unusual, though I did not realize at the time that future generations would know of it as they have.

It was not hard for me to find my way, in the spirit world, to the New Birth of the soul, and that was because I loved the Truth, and had a very strong desire to progress. I recognized Jesus’ significance even when he was a mortal. And there were other Old Testament figures who did the same. We were impressed by the powerful band of strong, high spirits that accompanied Jesus, and early on realized that his mission was important for us to understand.

I did not think that just because I was in spirit so long, that I couldn’t learn from a mortal, for I reasoned, and observed, that some mortals were more progressed than certain spirits who were in great darkness. So I listened to Jesus’ teachings and decided to apply them.

I had had many wonderful moments on earth of communion with God, and so, when I tried the experiment, this encouraged the growth of certain mystic tendencies, which increased as I continued to pray for the Love. I found that new feelings and insights came to me, and I recognized that this was because of the inflowing of the Love. My life, both mortal and spirit, increasingly made more sense to me, as I could discern the Divine plan for my life.

As I was my family’s leader on earth, so I encouraged them to follow me in spirit. They had also been curious, but I was more advanced and had a deeper understanding of this reality.

Eventually, every single one of my brothers, and my sister, found their way to the Celestial Heavens. My father Jacob also experienced the New Birth. You will get a message from him soon.