Messages 2002

Musical and creative genius in relation to the spirit world.

December 17th, 2002

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B


I am here, Joseph.

There will be many purposes achieved through your mediumship over the course of the years. There are spirits who wish to relate their experiences, and some of them, yes, are the great artists and writers - at least, those who are in harmony with our purposes. You will understand that not all these gifted individuals think or perceive the way we do. So, only those who are willing to contribute to our cause will be permitted to write through you. These include Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Johann Sebastian Bach. All four of them have accepted the divine pathway, so they will be permitted to write you informational messages about their lives.

As you will understand, in regard to the four mentioned composers, genius and time have both made them seem like gods, out of reach. Your channeling will make them completely accessible, and they will relate their lives in terms of their experiences and struggles. I will say that all four have been humble as to their musical gift - that is, they acknowledge that it came from a higher source than themselves. And it is because of this humility that they have been able to progress.

Artistic talent, of course, does come from God, but gifted people always have the temptation of using their talent in a negative way, that is, to feel superior or separate. Now, the insights of a creative genius do often set that person apart in terms of the actual perception. However, that person is also a mortal, and as such is just as much subject to God’s laws controlling the mortal life as anyone else. And so, it has often happened that a composer of great, uplifting music, can be arrogant or selfish in his or her personal life.

Now, humility is humility, wherever it is found. And so, the great composer, who is also humble, is able to place more accurately and truly, his or her gift. And this, I might add, has the additional advantage of causing less pain and alienation. For the actual music’s purpose will be the same as the composer’s purpose in life - to love and honor humanity and God. This happens, however, relatively rarely.

And you will not be surprised to learn that a great composer’s sins and errors have to be accounted for, just like every other spirit. But in this case, there is a consolation, and that is, that the music has remained behind to gladden the hearts of future generations of mortals.

As you will understand, if a Divine Love or Celestial spirit possesses an unusual musical gift, there is no worry about money or support, for all will support that gift. Actually, all Celestial spirits have musical talent - it is deeply embedded in the human soul, and when activated by the New Birth, this gift flowers. However, there are some spirits who arrive in the spirit world having already activated a God-given, great musical gift. This gift remains in place through all the vicissitudes of compensation. But when that spirit comes into harmony, he or she is then free to develop that gift, all to the glory of God.