Messages 2002

Only Love can reveal Truth.

January 28th, 2002

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear God of Love, I am hoping to serve You better by accepting the gifts You have blessed me with, by allowing Your ministering angels to channel thoughts through me, if I am in condition to receive them clearly, and to extend the love You have bestowed upon me to my brothers and sisters. I pray that I might be instrumental in helping others learn about the availability of Your wondrous Love. I pray for a great inflowing of It at this time. Thank You for all the great blessings You bestow upon us every day. I pray to remain open to my guardian angels’ influence and to be able to put aside my forethoughts. Amen.


Dear sister in Christ, there are a number of Celestial spirits here with you, and you have picked up on our playful banter about which one of us was going to “win” the privilege of being the control. Even as the writing started, we were still “grabbing” the pen! All with love and in fun, for we share ideas and decide among us what issues we feel should be written about during this opportunity.

As you are aware, we have been influencing humankind now for 2,000 years to turn to God, and seek truth with heartfelt longings. But, people make the mistake of believing their so-called spiritual values or “traditions” – ideas passed down over generations – are correct and worthy of incorporating into their lifestyle. There are free thinkers who go off on their own tangent, which is better than the rut that has been forged over time, and subtly changed by people in high positions in these long-standing institutions. This happens in all organizations and religious groups because of the discontent of the human heart.

If fulfillment and satisfaction were to be found in traditions and rituals, less splintering would occur among religions. If the members of a particular spiritual organization manifested their love and selflessness in a desire to serve the whole, and, particularly, to serve God, there would be growth and harmony among them. Individually, a person can have high ideals, and believe in the rituals as being important parts of the ceremony of worship, and, due to their pure intentions, they will gain purity of heart. However, if the basic premise of the religious doctrine is not true, it will taint the result, no matter how well-meaning and pure of heart the adherent to that religion is.

This human discontent has evolved into a number of “off-shoots,” resulting in thousands of ideas, beliefs, traditions, and teachings. Is it a wonder that people become confused? They fail to pray sincerely to know the truth, which is the point of this message – to help you learn that truth comes from God, through the soul’s sincere and prolonged prayer for it. What is learned through a means other than prayer will not be “Truth,” because it comes with alterations already having been made to it, with the human mind’s interjections of ideas as to what it thinks the truth is.

Until people develop their love nature through prayer to God to know the truth, there will be no end to their disagreements and dissatisfaction. Sincerity, humility, and a desire to develop the highest potential of the soul are requirements to set people on the pathway toward peacefulness. Each person has to play his and her own role in the establishment of peace.

This is our mission: to heal the world by helping its inhabitants learn what is required to receive a healing. Love is required. With God’s Love in the human soul, all manner of change will occur. Love has an effect upon surroundings, as has hate and anger. Love will bring out the best in people, the atmosphere, earth, and water. Love received by millions of souls, and projected onto others with a desire to bring about positive changes in the world, will result in unbelievable joy. The more souls who pray for God’s Love, the more harmony will prevail in the world.

Love is not a product of the mind; love is a substance of the soul. The mind can learn to understand the importance of love, and can interface with the soul, extending this soul quality into material life, but first, this substance of love needs to be activated in the soul.

Our message to the world is: thank you for trying, and for recognizing the importance of loving one another, and believing in a higher power. Please keep up the good work, but add to this effort more prayers. Recognize that the Creator has a special gift of Love for you that will change your life, and bring to your soul some of this great power. You will then have the necessary love within you to resist temptation, and to love your fellow human beings without effort because you will, sincerely, love them. Your love nature will be reborn, in time, and your former attitudes will be erased; and former inherited negative tendencies removed from your soul. All the affirmations you have been trying to program into your mind will become real because they will be backed up by a soul filled with love and truth, at-one with your Creator. Perhaps a sincere and loving person can overcome negative attitudes through prolonged effort and desires to bring out the best in themselves, but without the help of God’s higher Grace, the transforming Divine Love, the natural soul will still be vulnerable to temptation, and subject to fall.

You are on the right track. You are on the highest and best pathway for helping God’s children out of darkness and despair. Thank you for your desires to help us convey these wondrous truths. We feel confident that your outreaches will find audiences that will benefit from your efforts and experiences. Keep up your good work, and do not become disheartened. We still have hope, and we have been at it for two thousand years!

I pray that my message will be one of hope, and that you can see clearly that the truth needs to be learned by the soul before it can be understood by the mind. Even though the eyes can read the words of truth, and the mind can grasp what the words are saying, the truth does not become real in a person’s life until love is developed in the soul. Purifying the soul’s natural love is a lengthy and difficult process without the help of God’s Grace, which can only come to a soul through asking God for its inflowing. Desiring to do God’s Will brings Divine Love into the soul. Longing to be at-one with God opens the soul to an inflowing of God’s Grace. It is a person’s humility and sincerity that eventually results in the new birth of soul.

We love you, each and every one. We surround you with our love. We work by your sides to help God’s children learn how to progress toward the Celestial Spheres. We are inhabitants of those spheres, and are the Christ, in our own right, born again in Divine Love. Thank you for making yourself available to channel my thoughts in writing this morning. I am your friend, and brother in spirit, James the Apostle, but many of us are here with you.