Messages 2002

Physical appetites.

November 13, 2002

Santa Cruz

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Joseph.

We will help you in your desire to understand the role of the physical appetites in spiritual progression. We understand that the Padgett messages don’t supply a method for doing this. You have reasoned that these appetites are good, so indulging in them moderately can’t be bad. You have thought that God created the pleasure zones in the body, so they must be intrinsically good.

Well, you are substantially correct in your assumptions. The idea of punishing the body as a way to God, is, as you know, false. God desires the happiness of His children. It was intended that the physical body be in complete harmony with the soul. Where this harmony exists, there is happiness.

Obviously, the body for a mortal cannot be ignored and must be taken into account. This is where you need help. What you need to know is that the body can be honored on the spiritual path, that attending to the body’s needs is an important way to manifest the spiritual.

The soul is obviously of a higher nature (or at least is capable of a higher nature) than the body, yet for a mortal, each needs the other for effective functioning. The soul must use the body in order to manifest its will. When the will is in harmony with spiritual laws, the appetites of the body will likewise be in harmony. So, it behooves all mortals to direct their will towards spiritual harmony. Where this harmony exists, there is a knowing in the soul as to the physical, that is, the mortal simply knows that a particular activity is in harmony.

Problems have arisen because many religious traditions have condemned the body and its pleasures, sight unseen. And so, these attitudes are passed on to future generations. What will be necessary is to reframe the whole subject and present it anew.

The whole world is moving toward Truth, toward understanding the fundamental goodness of Life. There are many instrumentalities in place that will further this work.

Be assured that you will find the truth you seek, to your happiness. Keep faith with your highest ideals, and in the fullness of time, understanding will come to you, and you will live your life, assured that you are in harmony with God’s will.