Messages 2002

Step by Step, Learn Your Lessons Well…

January 21st, 2002

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Heavenly Father, I feel grateful for the privilege of being able to channel thoughts from your Celestial children. I have been neglecting to afford them the opportunity of conveying their thoughts through me. I have been feeling anxious and unsettled and didn’t believe I could be a clear medium.

I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time. I pray to be able to put aside my distractions and forethoughts so an angel may write a message through me at this time.

Thank you for the many blessings You bestow upon us every day. Help me remain open to the influence of divine spirits so I may serve You better and help Your lost children learn about the availability of Your wondrous transforming love. Amen.


We are with you throughout your days, guiding you in your work. As you know, everything that you do as a movement of your love is God’s Work because that love extended from your soul affects the elements around you which, in turn, carry a higher purpose within their properties.

It may seem like “sci-fi” when we attempt to convey how spiritual energies affect the material and that’s why it acquires the name “magic” or “miracle” because, generally speaking, people don’t believe that these could be common occurrences. But they are. You have the power to bring positive changes to your surroundings by giving your love, expecting good results, and knowing in your hearts that you can, do, and will reap what you sow.

Too often people see only the material results of certain activities and conclude that they didn’t receive what they wanted. They become disappointed and disheartened without taking into consideration that this result would have led them in a higher and better direction than the one they were aiming for. They lack the broader vision, and fail to activate their faith in the wonderful laws God has put into motion to bring them to a rewarding place in their lives. So, as a chain reaction, they cut themselves off from realizing these rewards and settle for less.

As you are aware, there is a law that essentially states that a person does not miss something which he or she has never experienced. Even though God’s children fail to carry through with keeping their spiritual goals and desires foremost in their minds and hearts, in order to attract the most fulfilling rewards and blessings, they are not acutely aware of what they are missing, and therefore make do with what unfolds for them. You can see from this why it is so important to be humble and activate your faith in the power of love and spiritual laws to guide you in an upward direction, step by step.

There is a wide variety of information out there, most of which is only temporary, and, even though a person wholeheartedly believes in something that is not true, this false belief can serve a purpose for the time being. Perhaps because of a person’s fragile emotional state, this temporary belief prevented a breakdown. Accepting a person, imperfections and all, is the best way you have of helping him or her overcome their blocks and fears. It can open their hearts to learning new ideas and trusting others.

You cannot teach the truth to the masses until they are in condition to hear it, so, in the meantime, you need to continue with your own spiritual development, which renders you more tolerant and loving, and able to demonstrate your acceptance of others. This demonstration of love toward all your brothers and sisters is what will help them want to listen to what you have to say. Otherwise, you will just be saying words, and people will not be able to distinguish your words from all the other words that are being said out there. They sound the same, they look the same, and they can’t distinguish the order of your words from all the others they’ve read, seen, and are seeing every day.

Of course, the desire to know the truth needs to be activated in the soul before it will be able to feel the love, and have the truth resonate within it. But, if the truth is not delivered with humility and sincerity, it may very well be discarded with all the rest of the “information” shared by everyone who believes that they have it “right” this time.

But what time is this? Perhaps they have come up from earthbound to first sphere! You are aware that the masses don’t have a very highly developed love nature and they still believe that love has mostly to do with sexual expression, while in truth (though love can be expressed through physical affection), it is not mainly a physical emotion. Love is a quality of the soul. You can feel the peace and tranquility of love when you pray for at-onement with God, when you drink in the beauty of nature, and feel God’s blessings surrounding you.

Take this joyous and peaceful feeling with you wherever you go. Let it be expressed in each and every project you become involved in. You are spiritual beings. You are souls. You need love to fulfill the purpose of your creation. It is essential to your well-being.

A person can go through the motions of living, of functioning in the material world – eating, sleeping, cleaning – distracting herself from facing the truth, from dealing with issues which are interfering with the fulfillment of love’s expression. During all this pseudo-living, the soul is hungry, starving for real love which comes only from God, and the poor, dear children who try to develop their love natures without God’s help are very unsuccessful indeed. And that’s what you’re finding in the world today – people looking for love in all the wrong places, places where it cannot be found, because it does not exist there.

So, people pretend they are happy. They make do with what they have, and with what they do not have, and the world is not a happy place. Happiness is a state of mind, but the mind cannot attain that state when the soul is not enlightened. And, since you know you are soul, and that love is a quality of the soul, then you need to help God’s children come to that awareness. The time is coming when more people will have spiritual experiences, and soon the evidence will be so overwhelming, that a majority of people will believe. And these so-called supernatural experiences will not be considered an oddity, or a mental disorder, and will not have to be kept under wraps to protect one from being ostracized by others.

I know that you are surprised by the content of my message, but I picked up on your desire to receive whatever it was that I wished to convey, and I took advantage of the opportunity you’ve given me.

I also am aware of the fact that you feel that you cannot discern the identity of the spirit who is writing, and that’s one of the major reasons you don’t allow us to write. Your block is real. You don’t enjoy being criticized for receiving untruthful information, but lately we have been trying to explain that the majority of “spiritual information” in the world today is untruthful information, and that people need to start with a less-high truth than you’ve been trying to foist upon them. Keep it simple and down-to-earth: “You are a child of God, a soul. Love is a quality of your soul.” If they don’t learn the basics, they may get hung up on too many other facts, which will never fit into the equation.

Step-by-step, learn your lessons well. Develop your love; love yourselves. Extend that love, and self-love, in all of your activities, then you will be teachers of truth. Then you will have the necessary emanations that will attract others to listen and hear what you are saying.

Do not be anxious. All will be well. We will be working by your sides forevermore. I will leave you with my love and blessings, and I am your brother, John the Apostle. As Doug told you, I was waiting for you to invite a Celestial to write. And you did quite well, even over the difficult passages. You can acquire greater faith in your ability to receive our thoughts clearly by not doubting yourself, or God’s gifts.

Have a good week, and give your love, particularly to yourself.