Messages 2002

The Chosen People.

April 7, 2002

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Moses of the Old Testament. I have come upon the prompting of our Master, Jesus, as he sees that you are in condition to receive a little of what I would like to write about - and that is the subject of the Hebrews being the “chosen people.”

You understand that at the time that I lived on earth, the collective soul development of humankind was not very progressed, and we struggled as a social group of people in our attempt to live in harmony with one another. The natural love was the only power we had available to us to keep us together, and focused on helping one another succeed in the harsh times; and this love was just not sufficient to rise above the evils which existed within the hearts and minds of all the people, Hebrew or otherwise.

The Will of God was (as it is now) that we, as His children, receive His Love and become at-one with Him through love; and thus God allowed through His ministers, and His Spirit of Care and Mercy, to make me to realize that there must be some order by which we could bring ourselves into harmony with Him and with one another. God had only our human love to use to inspire us to follow in His ways, and so He passed on to us this code of behavior so that we would know how interact with one another to bring peace and prosperity to our people. The natural “familial bonds” - love of mother for child, husband for wife, brother for sister - made it easier for us to manifest love towards one another; and thereby God manipulated these bonds as a means by which a tribe, so bound by blood and rites of worship, could keep these commandments that came to us. It was difficult to bring others, who were not bound by such loyalties, to accept the ethical codes we enforced upon ourselves; and as you see in our history, even the Hebrews needed to be reminded of these, again and again, by succeeding prophets and teachers.

So you see how we may have evolved this sense that God chose one specific people to carry out His Will, when it was really a result of the natural love at work within the human soul that effectively brought us “as a people” into obedience with God’s Will, through our obedience to Hebraic law. We understand that God loves all His children equally, and this was no less true in my days on earth as it is now, but it was easier, and even possible, to keep a group of people faithful to the “laws of God,” as we believed them to be, when that group had the bond of family and culture. There were those who came to the Hebrew people willingly to adopt our way of life, such as Ruth, but it was not common to leave one’s family to go into a tribe of strangers. Survival depended upon the protection and care of the tribe, and such as the times were, it was important to consider these things when choosing how one lived.

Jesus affirms that when he studied the Hebrew texts and learned the Law, he felt God’s Spirit of Divine Love behind the Law, this Love being His Will. And because he had prayed for and received this Love, it was as if the words disappeared, and there was a living law in its place: Love one another as I have Loved you, with the Divine Love. For you understand that Jesus loved his brothers and sisters as God loved him, and he brought the truth to light. As such, true Christianity was born, but much needs to be taught in the place of the mere natural laws that were prescribed by God in my time. Now, the truth of the highest Love available to the souls of humankind needs to be made known - through its manifestation. Bring the Divine Love of God to the world, my children, and in you God will be well pleased.

I love you, my sister in Christ, and I am your brother and friend,

Moses of the Old Testament.