Messages 2002

The Gift of Free Will.

January 14, 2002

Received by W.V.



I am here, and I am your spiritual guide and friend, John. I have come because you wanted to receive a message from me concerning the free will. I will try to give you such a message, if you think you are ready to receive one. Of course you think you are ready, but let’s find out if you really are.

As you are walking down the path of Divine Love, you become aware of the fact that free will is something very important to us all. Although lots of people do not have the feeling that they have free will choices, they do have a free will, just as everybody does here on this earth and in the spirit world. We know that it is one of the greatest Gifts there are, but we also seem to have lost control over it. At least, that is what most people think.

This is quite ironic, because “free will” is what actually gives us control over our body, mind, spirit and soul. Nothing could be done without it. Life here on earth and in the spirit world would have no meaning without free will. The Father also has a Free Will, because it is … [what] controls His Attributes. And as you know, we are created in the image of our Maker, and the day the Father created the soul, He knew that it had to have a free will, just like Him, so that the soul would have control over its attributes.

When you decide to move your hand, it is because your mind tells your hand to move. But it is also because your free will wanted the mind to move your hand. It is true that the movement itself is actually carried out by the mind, but do you think that your hand would still have moved if it wasn’t your free will choice to move it? I don’t think so! So you see that your free will is something that stands above your mind, that it is more “important” than the mind, which is like a slave to your free will. I know that it might sound strange, and I can see that you are wondering about the fact that animals do the things they do, since they do not have souls like we do. That is … why animals just do the things they are supposed to do, or are programmed to do. Have you ever seen a cow that starts to behave like a horse or a snake? I don’t think so! Maybe in fairytales, yes, but not in everyday life. Why? Because every animal is “programmed” to do what it is created for. A cow eats grass and gives milk. It does not have the ability to learn how to cook, it just knows that it needs to eat grass to survive. So the cow is bound to places where there is grass, otherwise it would not survive. Do you understand what I mean? I see you understand and will continue.

Our free will is what gives us control over ourselves. Some people think they do not have free will because they are kept under the control of others - their husband or wife, parents, or maybe even a ghost of someone they know, or do not know. But what those people need to learn is that in whatever situation they find themselves in, they are always in control of their own body, mind, soul, etc., because they have a free will, which is in charge of all those things. Nobody has control over the attributes of another soul, but they always have control over their own attributes.

It is with your free will that you control your material body. But it is also with your free will that you control your thoughts and feelings, or the kind of words you use. Do you believe that when you think about something bad, or when you say something bad to, or about, somebody else, that it is not your own free will choice to do that? Of course it was your own choice! Do you think your brain would have produced bad words when your free will didn’t want to say them? Why, then, is it so hard to understand that, at the same time you made the choice to say something bad, you also had the choice not to say something bad, or to even say something good or funny. It is your “free will” choice to do whatever you want. Maybe you react a certain way because you have programmed yourself during the past years to react in that way when a particular situation takes place. Well, it is with your free will that you programmed yourself to react that way, so start believing that it is with that same free will that you can re-program yourself to react differently! You have that free will choice, the cow does not have!

You are correct when you think that sometimes you react to a specific situation because you have started to imitate the reactions you saw your father or mother make in the same situation, and you started to believe it was the right way to react. But, isn’t it true that you used your own free will to start imitating other people’s behavior? Is your father responsible for the bad words you use when somebody in traffic cuts you off? If it was your father who was driving and saying those bad things, yes, but if it is you who are driving and saying bad things, then you are responsible for those things you have said.

Nobody else has control over the attributes of your soul. Only you have. Of course, when you give that control to somebody else, he/she will have it, but only until you claim it back. Still, it is your free will to give up the control over a specific attribute. It does not always need to be a bad choice to do so, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write to you right now.

If you take a good look at this Gift of free will, you will see how blessed we are, and how we are the most exalted of all creations. It gives us the uniqueness we see in every person. It gives us freedom, and it is freedom, indeed, because not even the Father will put aside the free will choices of His children.

Even when a man decides never look for the Divine Love, not even after many, many years in the spirit world, knowing that the possibility exists that some day, without the Divine Love, his soul may stop to exist, he had the freedom of choosing his own destiny, all the time. And at the end of his existence, he will only have lived a life of free will choices, a life of true freedom, because the Father did not force Him to look for His Love!

I thank you for the time you have given me to write. Although my thoughts have not all been written down the way I sent them through you, I am very pleased with the result of our writing, and see it will help you and other people to understand our “free will” better. I hope you will give me more opportunities to write in the near future, because I will always be very glad to respond.

With my love for you and the rest of my family, I leave you.

Your brother, John.