Messages 2002

Turn your hope to faith.

March 25th, 2002

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you, my sister, and I do have control of the pen. I am your brother and friend, Jesus, and, yes, I am the one they called the Messiah because of the message of salvation which I proclaimed to my brothers and sisters on earth, and in the world of spirit.

I have been with you this morning, helping you feel my presence, and there were others, also, to help channel their love and healing to you. We are very interested in putting to right the misconceptions that are still prevalent in the religions of the earth, and we are encouraged by the fact that there are more souls seeking truth.

I am willing to answer the question posed by our brother, Tom, insofar as explaining what I felt during that time in prayer in the garden, prior to my arrest. And I will also explain that you will only be able to understand this as far as your own soul development will allow. You see that my relationship with my Heavenly Father was one that even I could not fully grasp with my mind at the time, but when I prayed, especially that night, He was close to me, and I felt His Love, so much so that I could not doubt It.

I felt that He was trying to convey to me an understanding that His Love was fulfilled in me because I had received It into my soul, and that we were one. This was an important realization because He wanted to help me feel that I had done right by Him, and that because of this, the Gift of Love that He had so freely given to me was now available to all of my disciples, and those who would choose to embrace It.

I loved my followers, and I did not have an easy time accepting their lack of understanding of the power of Love that God promises us by possessing this Gift. I was not impatient with them; I was only sad at times when I wondered what they would do if I was not with them. This was an important consideration, for I realized that my teaching as I did would possibly jeopardize my life, and I needed to know that my beloved disciples would be able to continue with their faith.

So, God showered His Love upon me, and I felt calm, and at peace, and I realized that this Love, which lifted me up above the worries that I might have, was in the world as a great Light, and that It could not be extinguished. I wish to explain this, at this time, my friends, because I feel that it is important to your own ministries of love and healing for you to realize that God had everything to do with what I was able to do on earth, as God has everything to do with what you also will do in His Love. God’s Divine Love is a power that this world has been in benefit of for all these years, and you would not even be able to conceive what it would be like to live without Its influence.

There is hope that exists within the human soul, that existed within the souls of all the children of our first parents, but you can imagine the difference between hoping for a thing to come and save you, and actually being saved by it. This Love that God has for you is more precious than the air and sun; It is Life - the life of the soul, immortal and fulfilled. Ah, what a Gift that we have, my disciples, and what power awaits you if you turn your hope to faith.

I am happy with this message as it has been received by you, and I thank you, dear sister, for giving me this opportunity to write.

I love you, and I feel your love for me. I am your elder brother and friend, Jesus of the Bible, and Master of the Celestial Heaven.