Messages 2002

Victor Hugo in the spirit world.

December 28th, 2002

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Joseph.

Victor Hugo is here. He is saying that he felt deeply honored by the fame and recognition he received, but that this did not prevent certain negative patterns from rising to face him in this world of spirits, where everything is naked. He did not receive that same sort of treatment on this other side of life, and for a while, he could only weep tears of regret, that he had hurt the ones he loved.

He has modified many of his views. His pantheism came immediately into question as soon as he crossed over. He was greeted by his beloved daughter and many others who loved him. He was so happy to be here. He really did not know what awaited him, though he had given much thought to the subject.

As he adjusted to this new life, his view of life began to change. His compassion for unfortunate people was one of the things that remained and grew, whereas other beliefs gradually died away. He was pleased that he had left behind a work that would increase empathy. He knew when he wrote those books that this would be the case, but these books brought him consolation, particularly when he was atoning for his sins.

He marveled that there was not one important fact of his life that he did not remember. He did believe very much in God, but had only a shadowy idea of the spirit world. He has seen no battles between the forces of good and evil; he has only seen individual spirits struggling with their sins and errors.

In certain respects, he did have humility on earth, and this has helped him greatly. He has made the acquaintance of many literary figures who interested him. This has brought him pleasure. But he has observed that often they were in no better position than himself. It is clear to him that literary greatness in no way offers special privileges as it did for him on earth. Indeed, he expected that this would be the case. But he has been amazed at the thoroughness with which the laws of God work.

For example, he has learned many things, since coming over, about people whom he assumed that he knew. He is saying that many have secrets that only become known in the spirit world.

He has already worked free of some of his sins and errors but not all. He knows that he alone must bear those burdens.

He has been learning about the Divine Love pathway and seems to be very much interested in it. Though it contradicts some of his cherished earth beliefs, he is willing to give it a try. He has been flexible in his beliefs because he was relatively open to new ideas. He never accepted completely the dogmas of the Catholic Church, and thought for himself. This has made it easier for him to learn here. But the law of compensation has been demanding, and has occupied his attention. He has yearned to be free of certain memories. He has been told of the cleansing power of the Divine Love, and has been open to give it a try. He feels that anything which could help would be welcome.

Since he always saw himself as a part of all of humanity before being a Frenchman, he welcomed the opportunity to be a spirit. Indeed, before the law of compensation began to work, he was thrilled with the utter democracy of the spirit world. He initially thought he would be free to indulge his pleasures and hobbies. Then the law began to work, and there was no relief. But as I have said, his penalties are gradually leaving him. He attributes some of this to the Divine Love, which he found relatively recently. We are quite certain that his progress will accelerate.