Messages 2003

Abraham was always close to God.

April 24th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Abraham.

I am, as the world knows, the father of the Jews. I have learned many things in this world of spirit. The holiness of what I have experienced is the thought I wish to express.

I did on earth honor God. I had a knowing, an intuition, about God. I knew what I had to do. I was, as you say, self-motivated. I cared not for the customs and restrictions of my native land. Fortunately, I was able to comfortably leave it behind and venture forth into unknown territory. But because of the faith that I did have in abundance, it was not hard to do. I was also resourceful, and knew I had the ability to handle unforeseen events.

So you see, God gave me all I needed to accomplish His purpose with me. I communicated with God through psychic intuition, which enabled me to know what path to pursue. It is hard to explain how this originally came to me. But it had something to do with dissatisfaction with the native religion of my original country, which manifested in my childhood. I just naturally thought differently. So that when I became a young man, I understood that my destiny would not follow the norms for the culture I was born into.

Naturally, this caused isolation and difficulty. But I was obedient to the social laws when it came to my behavior. I caused no trouble and early on learned to love and cherish those I came in contact with. I realize in hindsight that God was protecting my soul, so that when the time came in my old age to launch out completely on my own, my soul was very strongly connected to God, and was able to follow His Will.

The Bible says almost nothing about my life prior to my journey to Canaan. In one sense, it was uneventful. I earned my living in ways that I could respect. In the course of my long life in my native country, I did a lot of trading. Chaldea was wealthy at the time, and there was ample opportunity to earn one’s living in this profession. All through my first 75 years, that is, prior to my journey to Canaan, I observed the life around me and noticed many things, particularly about human nature. Though I was shrewd in business and in my perceptions, I was not ruthless or unfair. I always tried to conduct myself in a way which I felt was fair and equitable. And so it was that I acquired a reputation for kindness and fair dealing.

It was not hard for me to leave my country behind, and that is because in all those long previous years, I felt constantly alienated that I could never really relate to the culture in the way that I observed others did so easily around me. And this was because my intuitive connection to God began in early childhood, and there was really no one else to share with. So I kept it to myself. In adolescence, I had to learn not just how to be an adult at that time, but also to continue to nurture and keep alive my faith which, though it was a certainty, nevertheless set me at odds with my environment.

And so, when I received the psychic prompt to depart, there was a feeling of overwhelming release and relief. Because I was resourceful, I did not fear the arduous journey, and had the material means to provide for myself.

So you see, I was always faithful to God and did His Will. And when I became a spirit, I was most happy indeed.

Thank you for your kindness in receiving this message.

I am, Abraham