Messages 2003

Beethoven always trusted God.

January 3rd, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Ludwig van Beethoven.

I come today to write a message of my experiences in relation to the spiritual. I appreciate this wonderful opportunity to make contact with the earth life.

There is something I wish mortals to know, and that is, that I never lost my trust in God, even though I had many desperate times. I recognized, throughout my ordeals, that my problems were my own, and I had to face them.

Certainly, my emotional state was often in grave peril, but it was the thought of God that eventually chased away all thoughts of suicide. I was not belligerent as to fate - the proper word is courageous. It was almost impossible, at times, for me to live with my deafness. I recognized it as my curse, but, as can be seen from my music, I never fully abandoned hope.

And so, from my greater vantage point on the other side of life, it is so much easier for me to place my earth experience and see my oneness with humanity. For I had on earth a very elevated vision of life. This, plus my deafness, made me feel at odds with my contemporaries, most of whom, I observed, did not share this vision. And so, I seemed to be the outcast, the pariah. But despite this gruff exterior, I retained all my best feelings,intact, and it was this that made it possible to continue to write soul-stirring music.

Early on in life, I understood that from one point of view, life is struggle, and is seldom easy. So that when my great crises came, I had been prepared by these early experiences in adversity. But, of course, I couldn’t see the whole thing in clear focus until I passed the veil. In the protective, loving environment of the spirit world, I really understood and experienced the Love that God truly has for His children and His creatures.

And it was because I never really lost hope on earth, that I inherited much joy and happiness. I did not suffer much in spirit, though there were certain issues that I had to address. But once these were worked on, I was free to enjoy my life finally. I recovered that feeling of youthful, endless possibilities that I had when I was starting my adult life on earth. Oh, it was so sweet to hear! And to hear music again! And MY music! How grateful I was to God for restoring my auditory faculties!

This is enough for now. In a future message, I will discuss more about music. But I thank you for your generosity of heart in allowing us to write through you.

I will add, as to your composing, that you will eventually resume, and certain issues about it will be much clearer to you.

May you have an enjoyable evening.

I am, your friend,