Messages 2003

Buckle Up.

June 30th, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


I am here Solomon. You have to wake up. Take things in stride. Moments are short, insignificant in the scope of eternity. Do your best. That is all that is asked of you.

I don’t know what my best is anymore.

You can deal with your pain and confusion by not recalling so much negativity.

How am I being negative? If I am being negative, I can’t help it.

You are negative when you think about the past and going over it so many times. Think about what might be coming.

It is hard to believe that there is something better for me right now. All I do is hope and hope and nothing happens.

Yes there are many things coming but they must have their place at the right time.

OK, When? All I do is wait.

Well, it has begun. You need to put yourself in a receptive mood. The signs are everywhere. You will see them. They are happening at this very moment and before the day is over, you will have seen many of them. They are positive and will help you on your way. Be positive.

What are these signs and things that are coming?

If I told you what they are, things may not unfold appropriately.

How am I supposed to see these things? I just want to stop hurting. Am I being helped?

Yes, you are being influenced to receive. Just let things be. Let them run their course. You have been patient but just a little more is needed because they are unfolding.

What is unfolding?

I cannot tell you, like I said. Trust the Father. Expect your desires. Expect the best. Nothing less.

Will I be happy?

Yes, happiness will come. Sooner than you think. Much more than you can envision on your own. Buckle up. We will be watching this unfold for you because we anticipate your happiness too. We want to see you smile again. You will love much again. Your weakness will leave you. Just wait and see. Not much more time to hold on anymore. The moment is here. We love you.