Messages 2003

Calling all Mediums.

December 4th, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


Hello cc. It is I Solomon. You need not say that you miss me. I have been with you often. Do you not believe what has been told you? We love you. Yes, we are all here. We have not been able to come thru to you because you are involved in study that we feel is important to your growth. Besides, you have been on some adventures and your condition would not allow us to communicate. Although many things, we were able to impress upon you at the appropriate time. But you must know that you were not left alone at any given moment. I know you like our company and we are happy to be with you, even though you are not aware of it at times.

Now, let us go to the purpose of this communication. As you have been learning, there are many spirits in the spirit world that are moved by their love to choose a particular group on earth to work with, for the purpose of bringing harmony to your world with their knowledge of truth. There are millions of bands involved in helping your world evolve from its current state. These are eager spirits and have love for humanity that surpasses anything that humans have experienced. Just as a varied and diverse group inhabits the earth, the spirit world has a large and varied group of believers and spirits of different cultures and manners.

Some mortals require that what is given to them appeals to their intellect, others seek for things that are simple, yet others will absorb things that are colored with “science fiction”, and the tastes are as varied as the sands of the desert. Nevertheless the truth gets planted because truth only finds lodgment in the soul, when it is longed for.

All souls have a capacity to perceive truth if they sincerely desire to know the truth. Truth is everywhere and does not require itself to be known, for it to exist. In your adventures you have grown aware of how much truth there is in other avenues and modes of worship and communication. It is humility that allows you to accept all of these vehicles of truth. The spiritual community that has been surfacing in your life has brought with them a varied and diverse experience. Your love unveils the truth they may present. Do not sell yourself short of the knowledge that is available to you in this varied environment. Your love will guide you. Believe this. See the adventure in this. And don’t forget that you also have us to help you decipher the light from the darkness.

With God’s love and blessings we leave you.


Dear friends,

I want to say that I agree with everything you have said. I cannot add any more comments than what has already been shared. I send you my love. Oh wait; I can share with you my latest writing.

I love you all.


Wind of change

I want to sing I want to fly

Never mind that the moon smiles

Never mind that the sun dances

My soul must fly

I shall let the wind guide me

Let it pull me ever so sweetly into its mysterious currents

I will not cling to the trees

I will not hide behind the rocks

I will let the wind take me there

I will let the wind lift me up from my safe ground

Like a weightless paper in the air

I shall be I will float in mystery

Gravity will dismiss me

Its laws will hold me bound no more

I have made known my farewell

I cannot look back anymore

I take my leave into this invisible force

I will shed my worn out garments

Pretending is no more

I will flow with its ever-changing currents

And visit new lands

I will learn the ways of its movements

And be content to go where it pulls me

I will find myself amidst the journeys

I shall no longer look for answers from without

But will find the truth within me

Oh come invisible air

I will hold fast to your blows

Howl and I will listen

Take me to your storms

Shake me and make me feel

Carry me to where you go

I’ve become weary of the surface

It has grown spoiled and has seized to provide growth

Embrace me for I cling no more

Love has brought you and made you known to me

No longer must you wait Love has made me recognize thee

I hide no longer in the shade I surrender to your pull

Always did you call I’ve felt your breeze on my face

Your cool air did refresh me

Patiently did you wait

Together we shall go

I want to sing

I want to fly

Take me to your whirlwinds

Spare me not your monsoons

Take me on to your ever-changing course

My soul must fly