Messages 2003

Changes are Blessings.

August 8th, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


It is I Peter. You are progressing. Sometimes things seem as if though God does not have a part in your life, plans, goals and dreams but He does. He is always tending to your needs. The soul of man has great potential and therefore there needs to come necessary changes. You feel these changes in many ways or should I say, changes are manifested in many forms. Sometimes the changes make you happy and some even indifferent to life. Nevertheless these must have their course. It is when you are reluctant that you find them difficult or unpleasant. Jesus explained this to you on a previous message. But let us try to shed more light.

If you were to become a leader of a nation, do you think that it would be possible to lead, without any training, in regards to leading such a large and varied group? Or would it be better to have lived among all the different people of that group first, so that you could better understand their needs? Do you think that you would learn to trust without risks? Can you love without receiving love? Can you heal without hurt? Can you progress without struggle? There is dignity in facing challenge, self-esteem in effort and self-worth in overcoming difficulties. It is just a matter of perception.

These changes are blessings. They are necessary for fulfillment. The Potter must work its clay. You must find value in these things (changes) and find value in your self. Know that there is goodness in you. These changes are your benefactors. These will show (teach) you how to make your home in the Celestial Heavens. The qualities earned in assimilating the lessons are your treasure. These (qualities) are no small miracles. They are parts of the Great Miracle of the Transformation. But still, these seemingly difficult changes are not always so burdensome. For you have experienced happiness in the midst of hardship and you wondered at it with such surprise.

Happiness comes from the connection you have to God. What is important, as you are learning, is to live your code of values. Emphasize the positive and approach adversity with humility, courage and humor. Remember to seek truth and to help your fellow friends and speak and spread this truth at every opportunity. This is how you will use the talents1 that were given to you by the Owner of the land. And this will please the Landowner, how well you have invested these talents.

So remember to be cheerful and know that God Loves you and all of His children are precious. They just need to place themselves in a state of receptivity and then would they be so happy. And fulfillment would be theirs. We love you and we pray for God’s Love to fill you.


1 After reading this message to myself I believe he used “talents” in place of “gold coins”, alluding to a parable in the bible.