Messages 2003

Composer Haydn experiences joy in Spirit.

January 4th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Franz Joseph Haydn.

It warms my heart to have this wonderful opportunity to communicate with mortals after all these years. I would like to contribute a message to your collection.

What I wish to say, first of all, is that I had very few regrets when I gave an accounting of my life to God. I had consciously been aware of the necessity to do good, so that all my faith perceptions were confirmed when all the good I did on earth came back to me. When I was a mortal, I was respected and trusted, and this respect and trust followed me here.

But many things surprised me in this world of spirits. For example, I learned many things about people I was close to, which I never suspected when I was a mortal. I tell you, this world is naked, and everyone shows forth their true condition, without the slightest possibility of hiding it.

What I experienced mostly was joy. I realized that though I had achieved great things musically on earth, I was always in service to the authorities. Here, on the other hand, we are completely free. This has made me so happy to know that I can come and go and gratify my desires exactly as I see fit.

For example, we have musical concerts here as well, always in a setting conducive to the music’s import. I resumed my composing here, but the rules, in one sense, are very different. We have various instruments, but, as you learned in the Padgett messages, we play them with our thoughts. I know it’s hard for mortals to understand this. But I will say that I have found this form of musical production much more pleasing and satisfying. We have composers here as well, and all our music reflects our soul’s love of God, and gratitude for His goodness.

As this is really the first time I’ve channeled through a mortal, I find it a little difficult. I will come again when I can be more successful.

In closing, let me thank you for making it possible for us to convey our thoughts to earth. May you have a peaceful and pleasant evening.

With love,

Franz Joseph Haydn