Messages 2003

Jacob’s Faith in God.

February 4th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Jacob.

I come tonight to share a message about my life. But before I do, you must know that we all care for you and send you our best wishes and most loving thoughts.

Well, to begin with, there is much in the Biblical account that accurately reflects my life experiences on earth: my difficulties with my brother Esau and with my uncle Laban, the several partners I had, and the sorrow and joy with Joseph in my old age. It was a very dramatic life, filled not only with difficulty and danger, but also with many fulfilling experiences that confirmed, in my own mind, the protective Love of my Creator. So that when I died, I felt an overwhelming peace and a nearness to my Creator. I saw how He had blessed and protected me my whole life long, and I was very grateful. I felt I had lived a fulfilled life and was ready to die. Of course, I had no idea really what awaited me, but felt, in a general way, that I would be at peace.

I perceive that you would like to know more about me. Well, firstly, I do share your beliefs, and I inhabit the Celestial Heavens. I understand your tug between Judaism and the beautiful religion of the Master - that is, your pride in being Jewish, on the one hand, and your universal approach to life and the after-life, on the other. Well, there need be no conflict or tension between the two, since Judaism, at its best, teaches the way to virtue and fulfillment, and can be a useful supplement in your journey toward at-onement with God.

I did feel on earth that my life belonged to God: everything I experienced supported this conviction. And when, at the end of my life, I was able to see my beloved son Joseph alive and not dead, and having an authority in Egypt unheard of for my family, it simply confirmed experience upon experience of God taking my side and coming to me in ways I could understand and feel.

Of course, some things in the Bible were fabricated, such as my wrestling with an angel; unless one interprets this as wrestling with myself. For, though I trusted God, still there were times when my faith was sorely tested. Being a mortal, I had my hands full with all manner of irritants and difficulties that placed obstacles in my path. But each time this occurred, a way was found somehow out of these difficulties. And so, each time this happened, my conviction about God was strengthened. And then, what at first was the crowning blow, my belief that my beloved Joseph was dead, turned into the ultimate vindication for me, my family, and my faith. So that you can see that on my deathbed, I was sustained by this faith, and knew in my soul that I would continue to live, at peace with my Maker.

And I did continue to live. United with my father Isaac and my mother Rebekah, and with my grandfather Abraham, along with many other departed loved ones, I had ample cause for joy and celebration. As I became adjusted to the spirit world, I had a transformation in many of my ways of thinking. This life is so different from earth life in so many ways, and I just couldn’t think the same way about so many things. I saw my earth life in a sharper focus, and discerned the cause and effect between that life and my life as a spirit. Truly, I had fulfillment of soul, and the freedom from cares and worries that is the chief delight of many spirits who suffered difficulties on earth.

Well, this is all for now. I am pleased with the way you received this message. Know that many future messages we will channel will be of great interest to mortals.

Sincerely, Jacob