Messages 2003

John Denver’s experiences.

January 1st, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, John Denver.

Yes, it is I, John Denver. I am so happy to be writing through you. I am so humbled. Some of the spirits who have written through you have been so highly developed. But I desire as well to share some thoughts with you.

First, let me say that I deeply appreciate your love of my music. It was my earnest desire as a mortal to communicate through music important ideas. I see I have been successful. At times I got despondent that my music was weak compared with the forces of sin and error. But thankfully, I was wrong.

As to my own development, as you know, I have only been in spirit a short time. I did visit you shortly after I died. At that time, I was exhilarated to be out of the body and free of earth cares. But before long, as you accurately predicted, certain negative things I had done or said, rose to face me, and I suffered.

It was wonderful in the earth life to have the sort of fame and exposure so that I could be effective in my favorite causes. But this came with a price. My fame created unusual pressures in my life, causing me to mess up certain aspects of my personal life, such as […deleted to protect the living…]. People must not think that fame and fortune are a picnic, because they are not. I was constantly in demand, and found it hard to say no to certain activities that took me away from my family and children.

As to the Divine Love, you will be gratified to know that I am seriously considering what has been told me about it. I have tried the experiment, and new feelings have arisen in my soul. So I believe that there is something to it. Furthermore, I have seen so much activity of high angelic spirits around you, so I know there must be something to it.

My music just came naturally. As with your poetry, my songs simply arose to my consciousness, and I wrote down what I had received. I early on considered the thought that their origin must be higher than just my own head. And as I examine them from the vantage point of the spirit world, I see that all along I was right.

Aside from the gift of my music to the world, which has consoled me, I had been the cause of some unhappiness to people I was intimate with, including my first wife, Annie. She had stood by me for many years, and then decided to call it quits. I don’t blame her. I’m sorry for how I hurt her and my children, even as I was devoted to them.

I recorded some of this unhappiness in my songs as well as a love of life and nature. It was good to have this opportunity to vent these feelings and to share what at my best was a genuine joy in the beauty and miracle of life.

I see how devoted you are to my music, and I can only thank you. You, and others like you, confirm my belief that I truly did something worthwhile. This has brought me consolation in my sorrow. I will come again and write. Please know that you are free to share with me your thoughts and ideas regarding the New Birth of the soul.

With love,

John Denver.


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