Messages 2003

King David and War.

February 8th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, David.

I appreciate the way you have loved me, and loved the descriptions of my character on earth. There have been many who have done the same.

The world is now more receptive than ever to understanding that God does not countenance war, which kills and dislocates and creates negative energy which He himself is always trying to reverse. It was felt that I be chosen to say this, since, as you know, I was on earth a warrior, and believed in war as a means to accomplish my and God’s ends. I have in fact suffered in this afterlife for the bloodshed and carnage that I inflicted on the world as ruler of a nation that, in my time, had considerable authority and force in that part of the world.

We in ancient Palestine did not see many things in an enlightened way - we felt we were God’s chosen and had confidence that our purposes would be achieved since we had, hopefully, the support of our God. And as my military campaigns brought me victory upon victory, I could only conclude that this was God’s direct way of giving His approval, which it was not.

The Celestial Kingdom is becoming a mighty force on earth, and this is because there are many, many mortal souls who, though in different ways, have found their way to soul development and the Divine Love. You will see evidence for this as time goes by.

And so, as more and more mortals are opening up to the Divine Love, this has enabled us to come into closer and closer rapport with them, and thus have more influence and power. Of course, sin and error continue. But the counterbalance of goodness and love is acquiring more strength. And you will see, as time goes by, how this love power will continue to grow and flourish, and nothing will stop it. I know how happy this makes you feel, and it is a reality in your contemporary world that should be recognized and acknowledged.

I was sensitive to poetic and musical emotion. These artistic gifts came naturally to me. For example, though I studied the harp, when I played for King Saul, I improvised in such a way that the music, with its positive, soothing effect, caused the king to feel instantly better. He recognized this, and requested that I play for him as much as possible. As you know, this was how I made my start in the political arena.

I had, thus, a sensitivity to both music and poetry that was quite unusual for a monarch. And I also had a general sensitivity to life and to the feelings of others. Despite my warlike stance, I basically loved people, and practiced virtues with them because this came from my heart.

In the spirit world, though I had many memories of kindnesses I had done, I could not escape the memories of the damage of the battlefields, which I know I caused. So, though I was quite special in the gentle and delicate areas of life, I was also warlike, and these memories followed me over here.

Well, as you gather, I inhabit the Celestial Heavens, where we are always working to reverse and heal the damages and horrors of war. I am particularly pleased and honored to assist here, knowing and understanding what drives mortals to do those acts that eventually only produce suffering and unhappiness for the doer.

Keep up your courage. Continue to rely on your guidance. Know that the path is being prepared for you, so that when you come over here, you will be a most happy spirit.

Love, David