Messages 2003

Love is our cause.

August 1st, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


We are here, it is I, Mary, and it is I, John.

We come to you in response to your desires. God will always answer your prayers when they are sincere. We are glad to have come and it is a joy to be able to share our commonality with your soul that has received God’s Love. Because of our acquaintance with God’s substance, this Love moves us, as the flock of geese must follow their leader. This Love is our center. We move by It, in It, and because of It. We would not follow where this Love is not.

But you ask, “Why is it then that we still come to the less fortunate that are in pain and apparently have not this Love?” Well, we go to them because of the opportunity that comes to their souls in response to making an effort to change and having realized that there is nothing in them that can change their situations. In this state of humility, although it appears hopeless to them, there comes an opening up of their souls, where we are able to help and influence their souls to activate their energies, which can be described as loud cries going out to God that in turn cause His loving response. This circumstance is a blessing that is poured out on many of God’s children and we are ever so ready to do our part in bringing God’s children to Him. It is a wonderful work of mercy that we are privileged to perform.

We know you recognize this condition because you too were in this state of despair. You realized that, although you tried to bring a resolve to your troubles, there was something missing and caused you to figure that there was nothing in you or that formed a part of you that would bring the answers to your many troubles and questions that you had. “Nothing makes sense anymore,” “my efforts are fruitless,” you would say, and then you asked yourself “what is it that keeps me in pain?” And then without realizing it, you naturally turned to God and asked, “Please help me, I don’t understand,” you then concluded and suspected that it was really not up to you and that you were helpless without God and then commenced your progression.

We were there with you, in those days of mercy, and those moments we hold precious. We are happy to be a part of the awakening of a soul. This is why we come to the seemingly dark places of the earth plane, where there is no apparent Love that we can mingle with, but we do see the potential that is waiting to be realized in these circumstances in the sharing of the Love that we have had with all of our brothers and sisters that we have had the pleasure of working with.

There are other reasons we come to you, although ultimately Love is our cause, and we may discuss these in our future meetings that we mutually look forward to with joy. We love all of our brothers and sisters and we pray for you, and come to you with our love, help and support, although unbeknownst to you, at all moments of time. We thank you for calling us and we thank our Father for this privilege.