Messages 2003

Love is the key.

June 24, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


[Medium prays for Divine Love.]


I am here, Peter. You never thought that one such as I would come.1 You are a dear child and I feel like a father to you. You are being watched over. We know the things you have been going through. But take heart, you see that you are feeling better, even though nothing has changed in your material world. But they have, you just can’t see. Many things have transpired. They have all been to your benefit. We are able to see a fuller picture and as you know, the Father has the grander view. But this I will say, He loves you and you are well cared for. Your prayers are being answered.

I know how recently, you have not been able to be intense in your prayers, but that is because you have been emotionally worn down. This is expected. But the Father knows that you have tried, even though you let only a few words, figuratively speaking, come out in your prayers. You do communicate with Him throughout the day and He does listen to you. This is very worthwhile because as you know He is always the attentive Father. He does not have to wait until it is time for formal prayer to hear your requests.

Now, I know that you would like to write about something that is of a formal “spiritual teaching” but you must know that a lot of what you have already received, has some worthwhile lessons, but let’s see if we can convey a spiritual teaching to your liking.

The Love is a key. That is, the Divine Love. Many put it in their pocket and know that they can enter, the home for which that key is made for, whenever they so choose. Many carry this key and forget that they have it. This is very odd because it is the key to their home and why do so few ever use it?

Why is it that they decide to stay out in the cold and not come in to where there is more peace, tranquility, kindness and rest, from the outside world that they find so cruel and hurtful? If they would only take that key out of their pocket and use it to enter their home. What is it that turns the key, which opens the door to their restful home? It is prayer and faith. If they would only pray for God’s love, only then would they find themselves turning this key to their most pleasant home, a home of wonder and love. Here the furniture would be the best in the world, to lay their tired heads on. Here they would shower with the most pleasant stream of water, which would wash them of their stains of negativity, and the soap of a most exquisite aroma to be absorbed by their skin. Here they would find the best food to eat and a liquid that would quench their thirst like no other. They would recline on a most comfortable sofa and their sleep would be joy. This is the home that awaits everyone, if they would only take the key out of their pockets and use it.

I hope that you enjoy what has been given to you. It does not matter how revealing you think it is but that our thoughts have come thru. In time our rapport will allow for more in-depth spiritual concepts but if you read what has come thru, it will please you. Continue to pray to God for His most wonderful Love. Turn and use the key. Such a joyous home awaits you. Our thoughts have been received quite well and there will be many more to come.

Remember to use the key. With my love I am Peter, one of your many guardians. Thank you.


1 I have never felt closeness, or a connection to Peter in his writings in the bible. Therefore, I never thought that I would have a communication from him.