Messages 2003

Love Mantra.

October 4th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Good afternoon, K_, we are happy to see that you have followed through on your agreement to receive written messages more frequently. I wish to address the problem of ridding oneself of stored up anger – anger which may be a part of one’s temperament for many years, which leaves much “residue” to be worked out.

Sincere prayers for Love and Mercy is the best way to approach solving the problem, while also making diligent efforts to respond in love, to be kind, patient and understanding. It often helps when the person who is experiencing distress makes a conscious effort to change his responses to certain stimuli. For example, instead of becoming upset or angry, go for a walk, pray, sing. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord – make melodious sounds instead of angry words!

We try to project our loving thoughts and energies upon our brothers and sisters when they are angry and in distress, but these vibrations often fail to be perceived while they are in that condition. As you well know, most people have physical ailments as a result of living out of harmony with love. If they had dealt with these “physical symptoms” early on in their lives, recognizing the underlying emotional/spiritual causes for these “signals,” they would have been able to rid themselves of these ailments. But they’d rather take a pill and decrease the pain instead of facing the negative emotion that is trying to become known so that it can be changed.

People find it hard to make changes. They can easily convince themselves that there isn’t anything wrong with an angry attitude. They can pretend that defending their honor, for example, is the gallant and courageous thing to do because they have placed their honor higher on their list of importance than love.

Love has to come first if a person wants to get well and find joy and fulfillment in life. The definition of love needs to be understood and that can only be accomplished by receiving God’s Grace of Divine Love through prolonged and sincere prayer. In the material world, “love” has come to mean many different things to many different people, and most of them don’t have a clear understanding of the emotion. It is heartfelt; it is the giving of oneself to others; it is kind and gentle; it comes from God through the human soul. It can be expressed physically, but it does not originate in the material aspect of a person. Sincere and genuine love can be felt, shared, and given from long distances away – it is a powerful force and one that is worthy of developing in your life.

Pray to know the reality of love. Ask God to help you develop this quality in your soul and to know how to love yourself as God wants you to, for if God’s children fail to learn self-love, they will be handicapped in their development.

So this is the lesson for now: concentrate on learning how to love yourself. A good mantra is: “I am a beloved child of God. I am worthy of being loved. God loves me with never-ending, abiding Love, and I can learn to love myself the way God loves me.

“I know I can learn to be patient and understanding, caring and giving. I know I get back what I give, so I will make every effort to give love, to sow good seeds, so I will reap good fruit.

“Thank You, God, for the Gift of Your wondrous Love. I know It will make me well. I know that as I receive more of Your Grace into my soul, I will get rid of my problem, and I will experience joy and fulfillment in my life.”

Be sincere and surrender your will to God’s will. It is your call. No one can “pretend” with God. He knows your heart and mind, your thoughts and desires. If you want to get well, you must dedicate your will and desires to God and trust Him to heal you. You can’t harbor a piece of “I don’t think this is going to work” attitude in the back of your mind. You must know that it is going to work, because God Loves you and wants you to get well. But in order for you to get well, you must love yourself, also.

Believe in the affirmation of love. Don’t skip an opportunity to learn and grow and change, but let it sink deep into your heart and know that God’s Love has the power to change you and heal you.

God will bless you according to your openness and faith. Your guardian angels will come to help channel healing energies when you pray and ask for their help and love.

I love you and all God’s children and have been working with seeking souls on earth for centuries. I am your friend and brother in Christ, James, the Apostle of Jesus, called the James the Lesser (Jesus’ brother, not the brother of Peter).