Messages 2003

Love yourselves in total.

October 18th, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


Mary, is that really you? Is this my imagination?


Yes, it is Mary. If you pick up the pen and pad, we will write.


When passion is hard to come by, ask for it. The Father knows that it is difficult (to pray) sometimes. He will help you to activate your soul aspirations. We celestials have been with you. I say celestials because, even though you think that the material work you have been involved in, you consider not worthy of our attention, this is not so. You and all of our family are being guided in every direction and at all levels of work, be they spiritual or material.

Have faith. All of these menial tasks will add up and none of your efforts are less than the other, whether you are planning on where to fit this cage (bird) or that one, or how you will time the next monthly payment of your loan. We know of the goal that you are reaching for. All is important, so don’t think that any of your activities do not deserve our attention. Yes, these are material endeavors but they are the materialization of your spiritual desires. Also, you have been applying your love without being conscious of this. This (applying your love) is becoming second nature to you and that is why you are not conscious of this. I say this to encourage you and because it makes us happy to make this known to you.

Feel the Love cc. It surrounds you and we know this. Do not think that you have neglected pleasing the Father today. This work must be done and this material work was the manifestation of your spiritual intentions. There is plenty more to come and we will be with you as the work progresses. Whether you are carrying boxes, measuring space to place furniture or calculating how much money you will be able to spend on lunch next week. It is all worthy of our input and attention. We know where your heart really is and Oh! The Father is only too happy to give you a helping hand.

Besides, Tomorrow you will rest your body and do things spiritual. Is this not a harmonious balance? You have been opening the door of trust more often than you think. Do you not think that maybe these material efforts were guided? You ask for help and guidance; do you not think you have received it? Enjoy the hard work that you have accomplished today and see goodness in all that you undertake. Have more confidence in your love for God. You have asked for an increased awareness in your love for God and it shall come to pass. You do not have to be transformed in one day, do you? We tease you because we love you.

Dear family, be kind to yourselves. Have faith that all of your work, even when it is material in nature, is a part of your development. Don’t forget that you are human. Love your humanity. You do have a dual nature, embrace all of your qualities. There is goodness in both; there is harmony in both. Pray for God’s Love to help you to love yourselves in total. What is important is to give your love, to God, to yourselves and to one another. And then your material selves will display it in all that you set about doing.

We love our family and pray with you often. Give your love to God for He loves His creations with an Indescribable Love. Thank you for taking up the pen, although hesitantly, cc. Have more confidence and love for yourself.