Messages 2003

Moses’ early life.

January 21st, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Moses.

I come tonight to deliver a message about my early life on earth, but before I do, let me express the thought that many blessings will be coming to you in the next few weeks.

Well, to begin with, the story in the Torah about my birth and infancy is quite true. Just as the Bible narrates, my mother sought to hide me from the wrath of the Egyptians and put me in a basket in the river. She chose this way because she had no time to spare, and it was really the only way I could be spared. My sister Miriam followed the basket as it floated down the river. And, by divine providence, it did in fact end up right where Pharaoh’s daughter was bathing. She had for awhile desired a child of her own, and considered my appearance in the basket to be a gift and sign from the gods. The royal family was indulgent toward her and let her keep me.

And so, without realizing my true identity, I grew up in the royal family, enjoying all the things a prince could enjoy. Only I had a good character and was not really spoiled. I was, of course, obedient to Pharaoh, and he grew very fond of me.

The Hebrew slaves were a very obvious presence everywhere, and there was something in me, I knew not what, that attracted me to them. I found myself engaging them sometimes in conversation. It was in this way that I discovered their way of thinking and their religion. I had taken Egyptian religion rather lightly for two reasons: firstly, as a prince, I was at the top of society, and secondly, I found the beliefs rather unrealistic and even comical. There was youthful bravado as well - all through history, young people have felt alienated at times from the adult religion of their culture. Actually, I never seriously investigated the claims of Egyptian religion - I just accepted them as formalities and as a background to my princely comings and goings, for you must know that mine was a relatively carefree youth, since obviously all my needs and wishes were gratified.

You are wondering how I discovered my true identity. Well, one day some members of my true family started talking to me. They drew me out and were asking certain questions which I could not answer. They asked me if I wanted to know a secret about myself. They knew they could trust me, as I had a reputation among the slaves for being kind and unaggressive. So, by the time our conversation was over, the secret was revealed. I believed it because there was a throbbing in my soul which I had never felt before, and I had no cause to doubt their sincerity. Of course, normally, an exchange like this between slaves and a prince could end up quite violently for the slaves. But they decided to go out on a limb. I realize now that they were being guided, as I was.

When I went back to my princely quarters, I lay awake all night pondering this startling and unsettling revelation. And by the next morning I knew my life would never be the same.

My sympathy for my people, therefore, increased, to the point where, when I saw an Egyptian taskmaster beating a slave, I couldn’t stand it, and in a moment of passion, slew the former. Once the deed was done, in my distraught state, I realized that I could never live the princely life I was accustomed to again. So I fled into the desert, in turmoil and agitated.

I am pleased with your reception of my thoughts.

Love, Moses