Messages 2003

Music in the Celestial Heavens.

January 13th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Beethoven.

I know you feel that the first message you received on the relationship between the artistic and the spiritual, did not come through clearly enough. But you must understand that the problem wasn’t your lack of condition or mine - we were both in a high spiritual state. No, the problem was simply that this is a difficult thing for a mortal to understand because you have no exact equivalents in words for the realities of what you call “art” in the spirit world, and particularly the higher spheres.

For, from one point of view, everything we experience here in the Celestial Heavens is art, since the power exists to create our environment exactly as we choose. And this does not mean that everything is evanescent and flimsy; on the contrary, there is even more solidity than in your earth life. It is creativity taken to its ultimate conclusion, and since we have no sin or error, literally everything we produce is perfect and beautiful. I know it is hard for mortals to understand this, but it is so.

In your poetry, you saw the utter futility in trying to literally evoke the Celestial Heavens. Yet, through your choice of soulful words, we feel you did capture at least the mood of exaltation and sheer, utter happiness - never anything to mar the joyful experience of knowing that our happiness will continue to all eternity.

So, rather than attempting to describe the artistic and the spiritual head-on, I have decided upon a more indirect approach, while still sticking to the subject.

And so, when one of us gets the desire to give a concert, we send out “invitations” by thought-transference. We all know that when this occurs, it is divinely inspired, and that we’re all in for a treat. So, a group assembles either in a room or on a lawn, and enjoys the concert. As has been said before, all Celestial spirits have the gift of music, and can discern the divinely inspired makeup of whatever music is played. Obviously, there is no rivalry, since everyone gets a chance both to make music and to listen. We all have an unspoken understanding, a given, that all who compose or play music do so according to divine inspiration. And, of course, since we all have the New Birth of the soul, we are attuned to the elements of the divine that permeate the music.

I know you have wondered about what happens to a Celestial spirit musically who was gifted musically on earth. Well, there is no hierarchy of value. Of course, in the mortal life, not everyone possesses or manifests a musical gift, so a great musical composer certainly deserves prominence and attention on earth, since the music produced is rare and beautiful. But in the Celestial Heavens, every musical expression is permeated with the soulful sound and inspiration of the New Birth. So how can any music produced this way be inferior?

I know that on earth you have many soulful people who, though they want to, cannot manifest great music. But to souls like these, I say, in the Celestial Heavens, everyone has musical gifts, whether of singing or performance. In the case of the individual who manifested no musical talent on earth, the good news is that music is often a way of life here, and everyone participates.

However, because of the uniqueness of personality of individual souls, there actually are some Celestial spirits who feel almost consumed with music. I am one of them. It is part of my personality. I will describe this more fully in a future message.

As these messages unfold, you will have a clearer idea of the subject at hand.

Love, Beethoven