Messages 2003

Napoleon and French Literature.

May 7th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Napoleon.

Let me be the one to tell you why you love French culture so much. It is because you take life in a certain way that is open to many possibilities, and the richness you appreciate in French culture, is in yourself. It was no coincidence that you wound up studying French literature principally. It actually was a preparation for your mediumship. Your mind had to absorb the information that the French writers provided you - that is, a certain universal approach, and a love of truth that includes questioning, inquiry, and a thirst to understand the human condition. So you see, far from regretting what you did, you should be congratulating yourself for following what all along was true guidance.

And so, those regrets you had about not majoring in music must be permanently laid to rest, because there is no basis for them whatsoever. As a composer you are a complete original, free from institutions and universities that often fear to be bold and to be true to oneself. It was all planned for your benefit.

The French, like all people, have had their share of foibles. But you are correct in thinking that their literature does excel in that profound and detailed examination of life that was absolutely necessary in your appreciation of the Padgett messages, which in essence continue the same line of critical examination that has been the glory of the French writers.

You are wondering why I was chosen to write this to you. Well, I have found humility, and I want to honor my earthly country in a better way. I want to represent the best that my country can offer.

There is no need for me to say anything specific at this time about my earthly career. That is not the purpose of my message tonight. I merely wanted to heal these doubts you’ve had so that you can understand that you always followed your heart. I know it is a tremendous relief for you to realize that not majoring in music was actually a God-given blessing instead of negligence on your part.

Clear all doubts and regrets, because they have no truth. And enjoy the gifts that God has given you.

We appreciate your efforts on our behalf. You will be gratified to know that I do now believe in the Divine Love.

Sincerely, Napoleon.


Note: The last message from Napoleon.