Messages 2003

Noah and the Flood.

February 2nd, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Noah.

It is I, Noah. I was a real person, and lived, as everyone knows, a very long time ago. In my day, we understood more things than you would realize. It wasn’t as primitive as is generally thought.

I know you are wondering about the veracity of the Flood story and the Ark. Well, there is some truth to it, and some things that are not true. Of course, God never had the intention to destroy living things with a flood. How could He purposely destroy His creation after having taken such pains to create it? No, this idea does not conform to any truth that can be recognized.

But I will say that there were severe rainstorms that did threaten our lives. When these rains began, people at that time had the thought that they were being punished, and this became the idea that translated into the Biblical account. As in every age, there were people who had done wrong things, and, as in the case of the story of Moses and Egypt, it was generally felt that God made His presence known through weather conditions.

For we did believe in God, or at least in a Supreme Being who showed His pleasure or displeasure freely. There were many in my time who felt responsible to this God, and many who did not. So that when the rains came and threatened our lives and our livelihood, we trembled at the displeasure we thought we had caused in our Maker.

There was no ark at all.1 How this came into the picture is hard to say. But you do understand that many Bible accounts were simply folk myths handed down through the generations.

I will say, though, that the rainstorms were so severe that the event was remembered and recorded in many different cultures, hence the accounts of a flood that appear in many different cultural traditions. And the rain did cause flooding and severe dislocations in many parts of the world.

Of course, my culture disappeared from common knowledge, so it would be very hard to reconstruct our beliefs and way of life. You must know that there were many civilizations that flourished and that disappeared from humanity’s knowledge. Mine was one of them. Obviously, we knew nothing of Judaism, since the events creating this religious tradition did not occur until a long time after my death. But this I can say, that we understood the importance of our responsibility to our Maker, and that many of us erred, just like people of your time.

I did my best to live a righteous life. But I certainly was not the only survivor of the rains. Though the flooding killed many people and animals, it did not destroy all the earth except me and my family, as the Bible relates.

But all that is past, and I have found my happiness in a God who has bestowed upon me the New Birth of the soul, with its corresponding happiness.

Sincerely, Noah

Note 1 Noah has returned in 2020 to flesh out what actually happened.