Messages 2003

Participate at least with your prayers.

March 20th 2003

Received by PJR.

New York City.


I am here to write, your Dad.

And I am here for I want to write. David.

Yes, I am the David of the Old Testament, the one who united all the tribes of Israel and established it militarily as a power to be reckoned with in the part of the world where it established itself. As I know a thing or two about war, and as your country has embarked on a war—yes, even started it—I thought it would be a good time to say a few words.

You should know that I was a great one to pick a fight, to either defend my territory or expand the sphere of my influence and domination. It may seem strange to you and your countrymen to go out and actually start a fight—as opposed to just waiting for the fight to come to you—but you must know: In the course of human affairs, that is a relatively common thing to do. Just look at the record of the fellow you are fighting.

I will simply sidestep the issue of whether this war, or any war, is right. You know very well what the answer to that is—on each of the levels that this question could be addressed: yes, absolute and relative. But I will say this: As the Love of God can reach all the way down into the deepest and darkest of Hell’s, so you must know that it certainly can reach in its own way over any part—or all—of a whole battlefield. So don’t think that just because war is wrong that the Father abandons his children—yes, on BOTH sides—to a terrible and godless fate.

His concern is not one tick or jot less, in the face of unimaginable evil, than it is in the hallowed and harmonious halls found here in the Celestial Heavens. God does not approve, but He does not abandon.

You are right about the Rubicon1 that will be crossed, and so that is why I ask that you and all of your fellows, turn your hearts in Love and Faith that even in the hell that is unleashed, the disciples of the Master—and as well, all good and pure Natural spirits—will be able to descend on the situation and effect relatively favorable outcomes—relatively, if not absolutely.

In your hands, as a group, lies as much influence in your own way as we have in our own. The Father at all times will show us all the road to the best of all possible outcomes. Participate or not, but [do] that at least with your prayers. Such an influence they will have.

Oh yes, I was a great one for wars. But such a small thing they seem to me now, and how quickly what can be built from them falls apart and decays. Just look at IRAQ today. So you can see why they are hardly worth it—so fleeting are the results.

So, leaving you now as I have asked you for what I wanted; I will sign myself now as,


Once a great king, now

a much happier follower of the Master.


1 Meaning the use of chemical or biological weapons.


I am here to write, your Dad.

Yes, that was David, and I am glad you let him write for you. For a minute there I was not sure you were actually going to let him write. Oh, I know that it seems that he is really a great, even imposing, person of history. But really, you must know that he is but a once-mortal and now a more encompassing and wiser crucible of Divine Love and Light.

No, he doesn’t write often, but you can see he will not remain silent when he has something to say.

I know you have been busy with your work and all of your “projects,” and so I thank you for sitting for us and say it has been a pleasure to, once again, be with you and write, my son,