Messages 2003

Prayer and Union with God.

September 19th, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


I am here John. Hello dear cc. You are never alone cc1. Some one is always at your side. This is why you don’t feel alone or lonely, you know there is always someone with you. This is due to your increased awareness.

I would like to talk about prayer. Prayer as you know is a heart to heart talk with the Father. But more than this, it is a connection of the Great Soul with its created soul, which is you. This communion is a sacred moment that God waits for, from all of His creations. And I mean the creations, which are soul. He is already connected with all of the other creations, such as the sun, the moon, the trees and your feathered friends. But the connection of the created soul is different because it is up to the will and choice of the created soul to connect with The Great Soul. I will also mention that there is already a connection with the other parts of man that form and compose the perfect creature that he is. But God will not connect with the soul of man unless his soul makes a conscious choice to commune with Him. I tell you this because it is the greatest thing that you can do, and that is to seek union with your Creator. When the created soul seeks union with the Over Soul, that soul experiences meaning in his/her life and to them belongs the expression that “time stands still”. This union becomes clearer and more real, as you take in more and more of His Essence. It is His Love that precedes the Great Union of Soul to soul. In this sacred state of connection, is where you will find purpose to your existence.


1 I have been spending some time with a spiritualist group. They meet on Sundays. A big part of their service is a “message circle”, where 5-10 mediums give messages to the audience from their loved ones and spiritual guides. I have gotten close to one of the mediums that I find sincere and loving. When I was saying goodbye to her after the meeting, she told me that I am not alone and that I shouldn’t feel lonely. I don’t understand why she said this to me. I did not feel this emotion. Throughout the day this thought stuck in my head.