Messages 2003

Rembrandt was not spiritual on earth.

March 16th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Rembrandt.

As this is my first time writing through a mortal, I find it a little difficult. But let me try.

I have known of your appreciation for my art all along, and I thank you for this. I knew I had given the world my best efforts, and I realized I would retain popularity after my death. But I could not anticipate the supreme position in which I am now held.

Much time has gone by since my passing. As I entered the spirit world, I had much pleasure and comfort greeting my beloved Saskia and other family members. They gave me the consolation I needed, for as you know, there were many tribulations I endured in my later years. These trials soon faded from my mind as I adjusted to the very different reality that confronted me.

And what a reality it was! I observed many of my contemporaries in darkness. I had had an unclear idea about what awaited me after death, and so was taken by surprise by what I saw. There were some who I was sure would be happy, and who were not.

What I wish to say is that I was not as spiritual on earth as my paintings would have one believe. I was worldly like many of my fellow mortals. But I did know that I had an unusual gift, and strived for excellence in the execution of my artwork. I really never tried to make connections between my art and the spirituality which I know they often breathed. That is, though I knew I could paint the soul, I didn’t strive to purify my own soul. And so, it was a paradox that I continued living essentially for the world even as my art often penetrated beyond appearances to a higher vision. I considered this my gift, as indeed it was, but it didn’t occur to me to learn from its example to become more spiritual. Indeed, this never entered my mind.

And so, when I entered the spirit world, I took this lack with me. Consequently, I could not be happy as I observed others were. I had to make the best of what came to me. I found myself in the company of not very pleasant souls. They did not help me much.

After much time in a state of unresolved feelings, it came upon me to search for something, I knew not what. I remembered many Biblical verses from childhood which my mother had read to me. And so I began to seek, and ask for help. Just as soon as I did this, I found the help I needed, and berated myself for wasting so much time not seeking.

Gradually, I began to understand spiritual truth in a deeper way. Some Biblical ideas became real to me, and the more I perceived, the greater was my desire to grow. And the more I grew, the more insight I had about the divine aspect.

I can understand now the impact of my paintings because I can experience now spiritual truth in my soul.

And so, though my paintings were extraordinary, my soul was quite ordinary. But all that is fading, and I am gradually being transformed. I will soon be in a very high sphere.

I am happy that I left behind the legacy I did and truly regret my delinquency. Thank you for receiving this message.

Love, Rembrandt