Messages 2003

Rodgers and Hammerstein honoured God.

May 5th-8th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Richard Rodgers.

We are very mindful, Oscar Hammerstein and I, of your great love and respect for what we did on earth. Your perception is true - when we came over here, we were blessed beyond our wildest dreams. And this is because our motive was love.

Our journey has taken us to many different places of reconciliation. We have in our hearts the desire to bring together people of all different backgrounds and show them that in one sense, we are all the same.

Music is to us one of our greatest joys.


May 8th, 2003

We gave you the other day a very strong impression regarding our song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” We had always thought it is quite special, and we saw that you felt the same. The paragraph you channeled (for it was channeled) expressed your feelings, though they were not wholly conscious to your mind. [This paragraph follows this message.]1 Of course, we were not the ones to bring them out - it was another spirit who has equally honored what we did on earth. It is the will of God that this song, and the words you channeled, be generally known to the world. Many, like you, have derived comfort from it, and Oscar and I both felt that something special had occurred when we wrote it.

We deeply appreciate the infectious enthusiasm with which you admire our accomplishment. God honors what we did, and desires that our work remain. He is using you to help in this effort.

It is no coincidence that your job in upper Manhattan in New York City was near where we grew up. These sorts of arrangements are like a divine jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces fit.

If you knew how much Celestial power is being exerted on your behalf in regard to your musical career, you would see how silly it is for you to have any negative feeling whatsoever. So work on removing all doubts and fears. Know that the Celestial Kingdom understands that your music honors It, and therefore It will honor you, as the law decrees. I think you suspected this, but I want to make it conscious so that you be completely at peace. Just have faith in us - for I am a Celestial Angel.

With love, Richard Rodgers


May 7th, 2003

1 Channeled paragraph about “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

Many think of this song as a lovely Broadway ballad, but I think of it as a manifestation of God, and one of the most extraordinary things we have ever had. Many times in my life I was tossed and turned, and didn’t know where to turn for help. But I turned to this song, and it always brought me comfort and hope. It is one of the things I hold most sacred. I’d like to thank Rodgers and Hammerstein for doing God’s Holy Will.