Messages 2003

Seeing the world with the eyes of the soul.

July 19th, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


I am here Mary. Such a beautiful day, God loves His children. As you look out into the ocean, you may wonder at the beauty of this world. A world created out of love. The waves that reach the shore have such a beautiful sound. It is music to your ears. And the waves seem to reach your soul. Your ears hear the sound but the soul experiences it, and it is where the mysterious and beautiful sound is enjoyed.

All that you see and hear and touch is enjoyed by the soul and more so when the soul is alive. It is so puzzling to observe that many mortals enjoy such beauty in this world and yet, not know that the enjoyment is experienced because they are souls. It is the qualities of their souls that allow them to realize these things. The soul is a unique and wonderful creation. It is limitless in its potential. But it must be activated and brought to one’s consciousness. It is a pity that many experiences are superficial for humans because they don’t allow things to be felt by their hearts. They have grown accustomed to their fast paced lives and a seeming decrease in time, consuming as much as they can and never really filling themselves. If only they knew of the true experience of a soul awakened by God’s Love or even their natural love, which they already posses. If only mortals could see how much is missed, when they fail to stop and realize who they really are.

It is very hard for them to observe what is really going on in their lives. At times, in a moment of contemplation, they experience the joy of just being but the moments are cursory and their old familiar pulls, of going on about their life, prevails. But there is great hope in this world and we never tire of coming to you to remind you of this and help you to achieve your purpose and happiness. Be well my young brother.