Messages 2003

Shakespeare’s curiosity.

January 24th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Shakespeare.

It is I, the bard of Avon, as I am called. Well, so much has happened to me since I crossed over, that it is a little hard to remember details of my earth life. But I will try.

As you know, I lived on earth when my country England was one of the most powerful forces in Europe. We were very proud of this dominance. But I must say that this feeling did not help us to progress here in the spirit world.

I was basically a very busy man in the theatrical profession. I did certain things in my business dealings that came back to haunt me on this side of life. But at the time, though I had certain ethical doubts, I nevertheless did those things because it was accepted that “this was the system.” There were many things and many beliefs, accepted in my time, that were directly contrary to God’s laws.

There were many key players in my life. Some of these friends were indirectly models for the characters in my plays. For I drew from the life that I observed. There were times when I meditated, and brooded, over the human condition and the human experience. But I never on earth came up with any answers - only more questions. My language gift could only take me so far and no further.

I was very successful in the theater, and this was because I thrived in that atmosphere, as playwright, businessman, and actor. It was something that was just in my blood, and it expressed a very powerful creative need. What with my career and my family, I had no time to devote myself to other pursuits. For example, religion didn’t really interest me. What interested me were the human dramas and dilemmas that made for great theater, not the soul’s longings for love and for God.

And so, when I got to the spirit world, I took with me this immense curiosity and interest in human nature. I was utterly fascinated by what I saw, especially when I first crossed over. But very soon, it was painfully evident to me that I was not qualified to be happy, and this was because of certain inharmonious things I had done and said when in the flesh.

But even when I was suffering, I never lost that fascination, even compulsion, to know more. This stimulus took me to various religious systems. I investigated many of them. I realize in hindsight that something was driving me, and that I was seeking something, I knew not what. I began to realize that my fascination and curiosity had turned into a hunger. So that when the simple but powerful experience of the Divine Love was finally explained to me, I tried the experiment, as I had done so many times before with other ways of belief. But this time, I felt eventually transformed in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. So that once this occurred, I realized that my hunger was being satisfied. And it occurred to me that this hunger was nothing less than my desire to be one with God.

All this did not happen in a day. It was actually a very gradual process. But as I looked back on it, I saw how I was guided every step of the way. I bless my curiosity, which opened the door to my soul’s transformation.

I realize I have not written in this message that much about my earth life. I felt that many mortals could benefit from what I have written.

I thank you most sincerely for receiving this message.

Love, Shakespeare