Messages 2003

The Buck Stops with Love.

October 5th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank You for Your Gifts and blessings. I’m grateful that You have enabled us to communicate with our dearly departed. I’m happy to know that they are still alive and well, even more well than they were in their earth lives (John of Love made rapport with me while I was writing and continued):


and that You created a good plan for Your children, giving them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams – enabling them to have dreams – giving them a heart and soul and free will choices.

It is good that people of earth are learning the importance of their choices, and that their lives unfold according to the choices they make. There are still many people who prefer to blame others for their “leadings” (guidance, choices, etc.). If they follow in the footsteps of friends, neighbors, relatives, or society without considering the consequences of their choices and actions they may attract bad karma, so-to-speak, and it will do no good to decide that it was because “they made me do it” since it was their decision to go along with what others do.

You can get-on-the-bandwagon or you can stay off of it. I know that oftentimes it “seems as if” you have no choice because of peer pressure and the like, but did you try? Have you considered the consequences, or do you agree with what’s being done and feel moved by your love to support the action?

Whether you go along with the group because you feel that you have no choice, or because you agree with them, the result is pretty much the same – you are still responsible for your actions. It’s a good idea to choose actions which feel good to your heart and to support causes that in the long run promote the growth of greater awareness of the world’s population.

Much time and energy can be wasted squabbling over useless projects. We work behind the scenes in the world to steer these sometimes-useless activities into meaningful ventures by infusing interest in certain avenues of search, which can divert attention onto less destructive activities.

We have the power to influence. We know what interests people and when these interests will result in their favor and become a good cause in their community or for their friends and relatives; we can bring a certain project or cause to their attention in ways that will make them interested in contributing their positive and loving energy to help bring the project to fruition.

It may seem on the surface that everywhere there is chaos, but underlying all these seemingly opposed groups or forces, there is an underlying plan and direction for creating better harmony and cooperation among the whole. There will be a time of greater discord when big kinks are being worked out. You are acutely aware of how difficult it is for you to reverse your own negative patterns, so you also will be able to know that a negative group pattern will be even more difficult to be reversed. But it, too, can be done – and will be – because God’s laws will prevail and the Law of Eventual Harmony will come to pass. In the meantime, all you can do is your best, have faith in the power of Love and take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions.

The greater the percentage of earth’s population that has faith that God is in control of the unfoldments, the sooner harmony will prevail. The more people who are willing to base their choices on loving actions, the greater joy and fulfillment these choices will bring to their lives. These are lessons which are difficult to learn because people tend to believe more in what they “see” than in what they “feel” is right. They oftentimes fail to rely upon their gut feelings to guide them in the highest and best directions. Rather, they play follow-the-leader and allow themselves to be led down a path to destruction. Even if material or physical destruction doesn’t appear clearly to a person’s eyes, destruction just the same is occurring because the life that is important, joyous, and fulfilling is the life of the soul, and a life of love, which is a component of the soul.

When people fail to develop their love natures, they are failing at life. They will pay the consequences, now or later, depending upon when they become ready to face the truth and deal with it accordingly; meaning that they need to start taking serious responsibility for their thoughts and deeds in order to attract those situations for their involvement and growth in good directions.

The import of this message is to help you become aware that the reason the world is (or seems to be) in chaos is because people’s choices aren’t focused upon spiritual development. When people believe that they  are the ones who need to be in control of how things are to be done, and that they  need to tell others what to do, it will soon fall apart because it is against the will of God. God has given all of His children free will, and if they aren’t allowed free choices it will turn against those who have decided to control the outcome and lives of these individuals.

The lesson is a big one, so the result of learning it will be momentous! You have opened doors in your lives to exposing these important lessons to humankind. We are working diligently to help bring awareness of the importance of the development of Love, and the importance of focusing upon the spiritual aspect of earth life so that you will stop blaming others for your unhappiness, and learn that there is a way to find peace and joy.

From your perspective it is taking a long time. But we can see that progress is being made and you are helping in this process. You know that your main job is to give your love, to pray for more Love from God, and to become wonderful examples of this Love made manifest in the world. Keep up the good work and prayers. Have faith in the power of this Love to set you free from doubt and you will progress by leaps and bounds.

I love you and appreciate the opportunity to express my thoughts in this way. I am your friend and brother in the Spirit of God’s Love, John of Love, Apostle of Jesus, and a follower of his teachings.