Messages 2003

The Exodus Story.

January 9th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Moses.

I come today to continue my narrative of yesterday. I will now discuss the Exodus story.

When I went back to Egypt after my life-changing revelation, it was as if I were there for the first time, so radically differently did I perceive it. Of course, many recognized me, but they noticed that I was completely different. This caused quite a stir.

Actually, as absurd as it may sound, the recent animated feature on my life, “The Prince of Egypt,” is actually closer in one sense to the truth than the story in the Torah. What I am referring to is my relation to the royal family, for they all knew me and recognized me. Thus, my relationship to Pharaoh (the son of the Pharaoh when I was prince) was quite complex, and it was very awkward for both of us, since we shared so many memories and experiences in common. He at first greeted me warmly, and inquired why I seemed so different. I then explained to him about my experience and mission, though I must confess it was very difficult to articulate those things to him, because of the common bond of experience we shared. But share them I did.

Of course, everyone now knows how he hardened his heart, and in fact, when he first heard my plea to liberate the slaves, he laughed and thought I had truly gone mad. When I repeated it and he saw I was serious, he realized I was in earnest and could not be dissuaded. He did not have the heart to arrest me or hurt me, so I was able to be relatively free. I knew he had cared for me, and that my request struck him not only as crazy but also as ungrateful. But this put him in a very difficult position. As is known, he chose the conservative path - to release the slaves was economic suicide.

Since at that time I did believe God had wrath, I mentioned this to him. As I was speaking, a violent thunderstorm occurred. I know now that I was guided to speak just as the storm broke. And this happened several times, with hail and also lightning. And so, because of the timing of these talks, it was generally felt both by the Hebrews and Egyptians that God had a hand in my mission. It must be understood that in those days, it was generally felt that manifestations of Nature and weather often represented the opinion or feeling of the gods, or of God for the Hebrews.

Finally, after this happened many times, there occurred, during our talk, a thunderclap so loud that even Pharaoh was afraid, and in that moment of weakness, he relented and consented to liberate the slaves. We Hebrews, naturally, all felt that a miracle had occurred, as it had. Of course, Pharaoh was in turmoil, as he had not experienced that sort of fear before. I know now that the spirits intensified this fear, so that it was as powerful as the thunderclap that inspired it. In those days, the gods, or God, were generally acknowledged to make known their presence quite clearly.

I will close here and resume my narrative at another time. I am pleased with the reception of my thoughts.

Love, Moses