New birth

Messages 2003

The Law of Sympathetic Harmonies.

November 12th, 2003

Received by PJR

New York City


My dear and ever faithful guardians,

If I can still do this, I will write for someone of your choosing.

Love, PJR


The best way to get started is to start. I will take it from there.

You need not worry about getting rusty at this writing as it requires that you be in a certain condition, more than any acquired skill. Although, yes, you still need language and motor skills to make it possible, which you have to a sufficient degree. That you are sitting there worried about what you will be able to write, alone, constitutes the major inhibition to your writing. So just have a little faith and let the process work.

Your other concern, that we will have you write something that is not too interesting, is a valid one. If you are not in condition to receive and assimilate a “higher” message of the kind you yearn for, then what you do get may disappoint. But that is a risk you will just have to accept or not, and act accordingly.

You wonder who I am, and I will tell you - without giving you my name - that I am on a level with the apostles you know of, although I lived somewhat later than them, and made most of my advances in the Celestial Heavens - that is: in the spirit world - rather than on earth, where I had a great desire for something I did not know of, but found in the spirit life, where I attracted and was attracted to those of the Father’s own Love.

So you see? Hearing a little of my life and progress has materially improved our rapport, and that is the foundation of this activity - one of them at least.

You are wondering many things about the soul life, here and there,1 and the existence of God and His Universe, and these are simply wonderful things to desire knowledge of. When you yearn for or desire knowledge and faith of these things, you send out what you might call waves - but they are not; yes, harmonies also describe them - that establish sympathetic reaction within the being of others and, if strong enough, these effect the desire within that being (or those beings) to draw closer to the source of these harmonies or waves. Yes, like sweet music way off in the distance you can barely hear.

Isn’t there the Law of Activation operating?

The Law of Activation is of the Divine, whereas your activating harmonies are in the natural set of laws. He has decreed that waves of any kind, or anything that operates on the basis of wave laws, will incite or induce a sympathetic response - that’s right: a resonance - to a wave, be it sound, electromagnetic, or “soul-wave,” within all objects or entities that have a nature similar to that from which the wave or desire emanates.

Right, that is the mechanism upon which the like-attracts-like principal rests. So in the whole ocean of the spirit existence - and may I please include all living, mortal souls in that? - or even in the whole ocean itself, which serves as a workable analogy, there is a whole cacophonous “noise” (should you desire to take it all in), and out of this soup - or within it, actually, rather - like will notice like to the exclusion of all others, and by that: spirits of a desire may be drawn to other spirits of like desire - or mortals. These things, this mechanism, operates in many different ways, mediums, paradigms or frames of reference - in the ethereal of the spiritual existence (not that you do not already have a spirit existence) or in the physical material of matter and energy existing in space over time.

So, do you see how a fundamental Law of the Fathers’ Creation manifests itself in so many different ways?

Absolutely. Yes. And I presume that this is so fundamental that (with this law of contact by and harmonious desire) if I were to look in areas of life not heretofore inspected I would find this Law at work in undiscovered ways.

Exactly, and your intuition that it does affect biological chemical processes is entirely correct, although, yes, you lack the higher education and research skill needed to turn your correct intuition into hard publishable science. (a smile and chuckles)

So there you are: I give you the basis upon which the research may begin. Look for the Law of Sympathetic Harmonies operating in the field of biology and you will find that its proper application will explain heretofore mysterious and puzzling phenomena, especially in the area of disease - the outbreak and propagation, and even in the genesis and appearance of new diseases.

I know you have no way of testing this idea or applying this titbit of knowledge, which therefore makes it simply speculation in your mind, but to me it is knowledge - useful in the field of predicting unknown or future disease. One man’s knowledge is another man’s wild speculation, but the proof of this knowledge is in the successful prediction of otherwise unknowable outcomes. And while you can not use this Law in the field I have mentioned, there are others who can - if they but read this message and, upon reflection and thought, embark on the hunt for the thing I describe here.

Will that happen? Not hardly.

But wait! Did I not just give you the Law of Sympathetic Harmonies? Is not some scientist thinking about the very field of disease existence I mention? Was I not attracted to you to give you this Law and this application of it? Is there no chance you will publish this message? or some chance? Could some other person by “chance” or just for amusement, happen to read this message? Someone who can, or knows someone who can, apply this Law in this field?

Notice, the Law says what happens and provides a very general comment on the nature of how it happens, but it does not state all the ways it can effect its operation - all of the routes that can be taken in its working. The Law finds its own way to operate, and because of the nature of both you and I, it is operating through us right now. It does not matter if we end up being2 the successful agents in the consummation of this Law’s intent. The Law operates nevertheless, and does not depend on success to operate.

Just because the Law of Fusion does not operate successfully within a ball of gas that is too light to effect its employment does not mean that the Law of Fusion does not exist and is not trying to operate upon or within that too-small object.

So it is with all laws. They exist and attempt - or are ready - to operate, always. Even if they “stand” and “wait,” they also “serve”.

Yes, that is quite enough and you are tired. And now you know: after a slow start, if you keep at it, you will transmit, or relay, our thoughts well enough to leave your author very pleased, which I am.

With Love,

your friend, a Celestial,

but still loving of science.


1 Meaning: here in the spirit world and there in the earth life.

2 or don’t end up being.